Doctor Upset: “Governor Christie yelled at me on the phone.”

a Governor, a snack & Letterman

a big governor, a little snack & Letterman

A former White House physician who stated on CNN that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is dangerously overweight, now says that Christie called her office and yelled at her for her comments.

Dr Connie Mariano

Dr Connie Mariano

According to Phoenix TV news reports, Doctor Connie Mariano, a Scottsdale, Arizona physician who was once part of the White House medical staff, stated the governor was irate in the brief phone call, because she had publicly suggested he’s at risk of having a heart attack or a stroke if he doesn’t lose weight.

In her interview with CNN, Mariano had said that Governor Christie’s obesity was a “time bomb waiting to happen.”

In response, Christie said, “If she wants to get on a plane and come to New Jersey and examine me and review my medical history I will have a conversation with her. Until that time she should shut up.”

Mariano MD now says she’s rethinking whether she would continue to support a Christie candidacy for the White House.

“He wasn’t very nice to me,” she said.

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Our Observation:

Sound like high school? Oh, no, these are two of our best & brightest adults.

So here’s a micro-MedicalMiscreant suggestion:

Dear Governor Christie: If you don’t want to be teased about your weight, don’t go on the David Letterman Show, crack jokes about obesity while eating a donut with a comedian.

Dear Doctor Mariano: If you think that being yelled at privately is more painful than being criticized on national television –  you’ve got a screw loose.

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Upset: “Governor Christie yelled at me on the phone.”

  1. Vlitzen says:

    I only see drama this ridiculous at high-schools.

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