L.A. Physician Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Patients

It was one year ago that Doctor Kevin A. Brown, a Los Angeles ear, nose & throat specialist, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, as a result of being convicted on 21 of 29 counts of sexual abuse of patients.

Dr Kevin A Brown

Dr Kevin A Brown

As details of the man’s sexual perversions came to light, it became clear that Brown’s stature in the city had intimidated many of the women testifying against him. Some women were reluctant to report the physician’s outrageous behavior, all of which occurred during physical exams in medical offices, because he was respected in the community, and was known to have held fundraisers for presidential candidates at his home.

Brown, age 40, was found guilty on charges which included sexual battery by fraud; sexual exploitation by a physician; and lewd act upon a 15-year old. Unknown to Brown during one assault, his “patient” was actually an undercover police officer with a hidden camera.

Trust Me pic

Brown MD would use the guise of medically unnecessary breast and pelvic exams while treating his female patients for cold symptoms.

As Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor read the verdicts, Brown appeared surprised and looked over at family members, which included his father, the former Premier of Bermuda, Ewart Brown.

The doctor, who had been free on a $4,000,000 bail was immediately handcuffed by bailiffs and taken to L.A. county jail.


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