Lab Coat Lunatic Revisited: The MD Who Carved His Initials into a Woman’s Stomach

Lab coat lunacy at work

“I don’t see what the problem is. I delivered a good little baby.”
(Comment by Allan Zarkin MD, medical maniac personified)

In a case which literally screams out the reason for this website, a New York physician was once convicted of cutting his initials into the abdomen of a patient, following the delivery of her baby.

Dr Allan Zarkin

Dr Allan Zarkin

Dr Liana Gedz

Dr Liana Gedz

And if any aspect of this story is more insane than the act itself, it is the fact that Doctor Allan Zarkin would serve not one week in prison. He would instead be – unbelievably – sentenced to probation, as the result of a plea bargain.

The indisputable facts of the case are these:

>   After performing a Caesarean section on a pregnant woman at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, the egomaniacal Zarkin shocked the nurses in the room by literally using his scalpel to carve  a large “A Z” into the abdomen of the patient lying before him.

>   The patient happened to be a doctor herself, 31-year-old Liana Gedz, a dentist friend of Zarkin.

>  According to New York State Department of Health investigators, Zarkin’s penchant for juvenile delinquency was well-known, because his coworkers had witnessed his habit of making strange, sexual comments as he performed surgeries on women.

>  The District Attorney’s office had received complaints about him for at least seven years. Two dozen women, in fact – patients, doctors and nurses – contacted them, reporting incidents they described as “bizarre,” “dangerous” and “weird.”

According to Linda Fairstein of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit, “So far we’ve received about 24 complaints on Zarkin.”

>  Zarkin was indicted in February, 2000 and could have gotten a 25-year sentence if convicted of first-degree assault, the most serious charge.

>   He was convicted of lesser crimes and sentenced to five years probation.

>   His license to treat patients was then revoked by the state health department.

>   Beth Israel Medical Center was fined $14,000 for numerous violations, including faiure to properly report Zarkin as required by law after the incident, and failing to properly supervise him after knowing that his behavior was unprofessional.

>   Doctor Liana Gedz, the victim of the assault, was awarded $1,750,000 by Zarkin’s malpractice insurance company, after suing Zarkin for $5,000,000. She would require several surgeries to repair the scars on her stomach.

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Our Observations:

Who in Hell are these people?

Who in Hell are these people? Who’s behind those lab coats?

The criticism from  MedicalMiscreants is based on the preposterous fact that madman Zarkin was allowed to continue to treat people for four months after carving “A Z” into the flesh of a helpless patient.

Beth Israel, for its part, insists it followed protocols and suspended Zarkin after an investigation, and that they reported to the state Health Department that the doctor had engaged in “grossly inappropriate conduct.” (Zarkin was suspended from the hospital after a brief investigation and resigned)

But our research reveals that Beth Israel’s report to the state oversight people was vague, and in fact not nearly specific enough to raise any sense of alarm. The hospital’s report did not even mention what Zarkin had done to Dr. Gedz. And, in keeping with the typical lab-coat wall of silence that permeates U.S. health care, the cosmetic surgeon who examined Dr. Gedz after the attack made no written or verbal report of the carved initials at all.

Kristin Smith, a spokeswoman for the New York State Health Department, put it this way. “What is fair to say, is that had we known the specific circumstances, we would have moved much more quickly to stop Zarkin from hurting innocent patients.”

So Zarkin was stopped, but the medical mania continues unabated by thousands upon thousands of other degreed nutcases who ought to be weeded out of the medical garden, but won’t.

In the 12 years since, more than 410 daffy doctors have been convicted on a jaw-dropping range of lunacy, in the city of New York alone – a whopping 11,230 physicians nationwide, in a little more than a decade. So much garbage behavior is going on, in fact, that ethical medical professionals have a hard time keeping up with all the shenanigans of their freaky peers. But within the sequestered halls of health care, nurses and doctors, techs, medics and ethicists,  have no trouble at all recalling Allan Zarkin MD, who is now 74 years old.

They simply refer to him as “Doctor Zorro.”

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4 thoughts on “Lab Coat Lunatic Revisited: The MD Who Carved His Initials into a Woman’s Stomach

  1. carol lynn kane says:

    Allan Zarkin, MD delivered my healthy baby boy on 12/19/73 at New York University Medical Center in New York City. The quality of his medical care was excellent and he was a superb professional. Over the next 15 years, prior to my relocation to Florida, he provided me with continued medical care. It is extremely sad that a behavioral disorder ended his career in such a manner, it could not have happened to a person more fine. Your website is a disgrace.

    • Let’s see if we’ve got this straight: The New York District Attorney’s office collected seven years worth of sexual harassment complaints on this lab coat lunatic, by two dozen different women – and because he treated you well, WE are a disgrace? The man didn’t harass YOU, so he gets a pass?

      How badly would he have to cut you or your daughter, before you come to your senses?

      We expose severe physician misbehavior because the doctor-adoring public (of which you seem to be a perfect example) enables these freaks with stethoscopes to get away with the worst crimes in the country.

      Incidentally, we receive 200+ emails a week from folks who appreciate knowing exactly which medical maniacs to avoid. The true disgrace in this country are people who enable unspeakable behavior.

  2. Marilynn says:

    I’ve just started looking at this site, but one thing I’ve heard and perhaps you can confirm or deny, is that when a doctor loses his license in one state, he will likely just go to another state – sometimes the one right ‘next door’ – and get a license to practice there. Is this true?

  3. It is absolutely true. The U.S. and its territories have 56 medical boards, each one setting its own rules. Physicians can and do commit horrible crimes and then move across state lines and start all over. One need look no further than a medical maniac named Visu Vilvarajah, who murdered his wife and mother-in-law in Tennessee; served two years and was relicensed in Kentucky. He has since been arrested and found guilty of drug-running.

    The lab coat lunatic who killed Michael Jackson – Conrad Murray – also served 2 years after drugging his famous patient to death. He is now a free man and will almost certainly be relicensed somewhere soon.

    Thank you for keeping up with our website.

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