More Patients Come Forward in Doctor Sexual Assault Case

Two months after detectives filed dozens of sexual assault charges against a Glastonbury, Connecticut physician, few details about the case have been revealed.

Dr Tory Westbrook

Dr Tory Westbrook

But Superior Court judge Susan Handy made one matter clear following the most recent arrest of Doctor Tory Z. Westbrook – the list of patients who believe they were abused is getting longer and longer.

And the Prosecutor in Middletown, Peter McShane, reported the number of women who were mistreated will grow further still.

Westbook MD, age 44, had already been charged with sexually assaulting three adult women while working at the Community Health Center in the town of Clinton. According to the prosecution, all three of the original incidents happened between 2010-2012. At that time, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board’s investigation revealed that Westbrook was accused of having “engaged in inappropriate physical and/or sexual contact with a female patient during a medical examination” in the months of October and December, 2010.

Police believe that the doctor also had inappropriate contact with two other patients during examinations in November, 2010, and again in June, 2011, and that Westbrook “had an inappropriate sexual relationship” with a fourth female patient, in exchange for narcotics, on more than one occasion.

So far, the charges involve a total of 19 women, and Westbrook is currently out on $1,500,000 bail.

Westbrook resigned from the CommunityHealth Center in Clinton when he was hired as an interim medical director of the Charter Oak Health Center in Hartford. His most recent position was chief of internal medicine.

Westbrook is married to Connecticut State Superior Court Judge Dawne Westbrook.

The CEO of Charter Oak, Peter Velez told reporters that Westbrook was placed on administrative.

“I would like to point out that he never treated patients at Charter Oak,” Velez said.

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