Want to Nab a Doctor/Killer? Count on Taco Bell

Dr Richard Conti

Dr Richard Conti

In the city of Conway, Arkansas a former Nevada emergency room physician has been found guilty of killing two men in a Conway homicide case 10 years ago.

The Faulkner County Superior Court jury needed but one hour of deliberations to determine that Doctor Richard Conte was guilty of two counts of Capital Murder.

Investigators had believed for nearly a decade that Conte, age 63, was responsible for the shooting deaths of 49-year-old Carter Elliott, as well as 25-year-old Timothy Robertson. But because Conte was already in prison for kidnapping his wife and the details were more than a little convoluted, they took their time building the case of double murder against him.

Carter Elliott and Robertson shot and killed by Doctor Richard Conte

Timothy Robertson, Carter Elliott, shot and killed by Doctor Richard Conte

In a story that ranges from strange to downright weird, the following facts are now known:

> Conte, MD was arrested for the murders just as he was about to be released from prison, after serving nine years of a 15-year sentence, for kidnapping his ex-wife, Lark Schwartz.

Lark Schwartz

Lark Schwartz testifies against her doctor-kidnapper ex-husband

> The kidnapping occurred one month after the murders. Schwartz had divorced the doctor after three months due to his “extremely bizarre behavior, with cameras in every room and guns in every pocket.”

> The investigation revealed that Conte had driven from Duck Creek, Utah, where he lived, to Salt Lake City; drugged and tied up his former wife; put her in the car; took her to his house and tied her to a chair. She was rescued by sheriff’s deputies.

> The medical examiner in Faulkner County was able to accurately determine the times of the murders when detectives found a Taco Bell food receipt, with a date, store location and time stamp, on the night of the shootings.

> The doctor had bragged to people for years that he had been a war hero. He carried medals in his pocket to prove it. He would show off the places on his body where he still had bullets from battle.

> Conte, MD never served in the armed forces.

> Doctor Kevin Clark, the convicted doctor’s friend from medical school, testified that Conte had once called him to say he’d been shot while on a secret mission in Afghanistan, and could trust no one but Clark to remove the bullets.

> When Conte arrived at Clark’s medical office wearing military fatigues and multiple bullet wounds, Doctor Clark stated it was obvious that Conte had not been shot at all. He told the jury the bullets had been carefully placed under the skin and into the muscle through surgical incisions that Conte had himself inflicted, all over his body.

The former Carson City Nevada MD has been sentenced to life in prison.


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And another one man, physician-crime wave is removed from society. But how many of those who followed this jaw-dropping case, bothered to consider the following question:

Why didn’t Doctor Kevin Clark – an otherwise decent and honorable medical practitioner – ever bother to report the off-the-chart behavior of this serious lab coat lunatic – well before the murders and kidnapping?

You might want to take a glance at this for an answer:



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