Medical Maniac Flashback: Wife-a-cide by Boat

It was three years ago October when Boyle Kentucky Circuit Court sentenced a physician to 5 years in prison for killing his wife in 2009.

Dr Steven Hall killed his wife Isabel

Dr Steven Hall killed his wife Isabel

Doctor Steven Hall, age 48, a Canadian, had been convicted the previous August of Manslaughter in the death of Isabel Hall, who was 49 on the day she died.

The couple had originally set out for an anniversary cruise on Herrington Lake, on a day that would end with Hall being charged with Murder.

According to Kentucky State Police investigators, at some point during the boat ride, the doctor made “an off-color” comment to his wife about another woman’s breasts. That’s when things got physical. Isabel Hall apparently clawed the doctor with her nails and bit him on the back. He in turn pushed her off the pontoon boat into the lake. Witnesses on other boats testified in court that they could hear the woman in the water screaming that her husband was trying to kill her. Within minutes, according to court documents, Stephen Hall gunned the engine, heading in the direction of his wife, and struck her with the bottom of the boat.

In his statements to detectives, the doctor admitted that he’d reved the boat engine and sped toward his wife, but stated he only meant to frighten her a little before helping her back onto the boat. He later realized her head and neck had been gouged deeply by the propeller blade, after he had driven the pontoon boat over the top of her. Her body was seen floating under the pontoon boat by witnesses in another boat, who asked the doctor if there was a problem.

“No, she’s okay, ” he answered. “My wife’s just swimming under the boat.”

Dwayne McMullen, who was fishing from the bank about 100 feet away, testified that he saw the boat strike the screaming woman in the water.

“It looked to me like he just took the boat and ran Mrs. Hall over.”

For the record, Hall, MD is already eligible for parole, and could be released any time.
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So why might this deadly doctor be released from prison so soon?
Because in the United States, physicians killing their spouses is surprisingly commonplace; and their punishment almost laughably meager.
Funny. We don’t recall hearing any of this during the ‘health care debate.’
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