Kentucky Court Finds Florida Doctor Guilty in ‘Pill-Mill’ Operation

Dr Clara Rodriguez-Iznaga

In Ashland, Kentucky federal court, a 57-year old internal medicine specialist has been convicted for her part in a conspiracy that funneled hundreds of thousands of doses of narcotics across state lines.

Dr. Clara Rodriguez-Iznaga was found guilty in a jury trial Tuesday of Conspiracy to distribute drugs, as well as Money Laundering.

Rodriguez-Iznaga worked at a Miami-area pain clinic, Florida Global Medical. Prosecutors were able to prove that hundreds of “patients” from as far away as West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio would regularly travel to the clinic to get easy prescriptions for narcotics, according to U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey.

During the trial, witnesses testified that they stopped drug-shopping at other clinics because it was far easier to get prescriptions from Rodriguez-Iznaga than from other doctors.

According to investigators, Rodriguez-Iznaga would customarily “see” as many as three dozen people a day, most of whom paid $150 cash at a time. According to U.S. Attorney Harvy, she gave patients prescriptions with no real medical exam. And because she was also supervising the clinic pharmacy, where the typical 0prescriptions cost $1,000 or more, Rodriguez-Iznaga’s drug-pushing brought in more than $600,000 per year.

Rodriguez-Iznaga, who faces 20-year prison terms for each count, will be sentenced next year

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Florida Global Medical Care was a limited liability corporation, located at 4367 W Sunrise Boulevard in Plantation, Florida. The “clinic” was a typical example of physician-run, pill-mill traffickers that funnel narcotics throughout the U.S. In this particular case, the eastern coastline and Appalachia. Both addicts and peddlers find their drug of choice – Oxycodone – is readily available from unscrupulous doctors. Regretfully, there are thousands of them.

For her part, Rodriguez-Iznaga was marching in step with her Third World Assassin counterparts. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, attended medical school at University Cetec, School of Medicine, Santa Domingo; emigrated to the U.S. with the plan to get rich at the expense of the American public. And had she not gotten so greedy as to peddle 1,000 pills per day, she would very likely have never been caught.

We find it pertinent that this doctor’s medical school closed not long after she graduated, as it failed to be recognized as a legitimate medical training program.

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