Jailed MD Who Lied to Patients About Non-existant Cancers . . . Has Cancer

A Grand Rapids, Michigan skin specialist who once made millions by scaring his patients into believing they needed cancer surgeries, has undergone radical surgery for prostate cancer while in federal prison.

Dr Robert Stokes

Dr Robert Stokes

Disgraced physician Robert Stokes, now in custody in the California State Corrections system, was found guilty of 31 counts of insurance fraud, in December 2007. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to court records, the doctor would customarily remove simple skin blemishes and even freckles, of his patients, for no medically necessary reasons. He would then bill for procedures that should never have been done, and in hundreds of other cases, bill for services he hadn’t performed.

Bob May, mayor of the city of Hastings, Michigan and a victim of Stokes’ medical fraud himself, testified that he underwent dozens of unnecessary surgeries that left him scarred for life. “The man is a monster.”

What can medical fraud buy? Well, a mansion for one

What can medical fraud buy? Well, a mansion for one

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, Stokes robbed Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of just under $2,000,000.


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