American ‘Health Care’ and the Most Prolific Drug Cartels on Earth: a Lethal Combination


As a 32-year emergency medical professional who has treated well over 20,000 patients, I proffer this: Our society has developed no habit more inherently insane, than allowing its entire healthy population to be gleefully drugged.

That’s what a mentally sluggish society gets you.

Worst-kept secret in 'health care"

Worst-kept secret in ‘health care”

The legal drug cartels churn legal poisons out at an astonishing rate; the FDA approves them; and otherwise ethical MDs become pill-pushers, just as surely as the pimp on the street corner. The unethical MDs? This “all drugs, all the time” mantra is like bowling for dollars.

The pharmaceutical giants are the monsters of the Midway, amassing an army 80,000 strong to overpower physician doubt – a well-equipped battalion of ground-troops armed with the deadliest, most effective weapons known to mankind – spray-on tans & the world’s greatest legs. Do they hire the brightest minds? Why would they?

Who do drug companies hire, to convince MDs to use their products?

Who do drug companies hire, to convince doctors  to use their products?

These peppy drug pros have their banter down so well they effectively lecture physicians on what ‘new diseases’ ought to be, and how they should be treated. As for our Daffy Docs? Well, more often than not, they buy the sales pitch, hook, line & sinker.

No need to take our word for it.

Dr. Thomas Carli of the University of Michigan. ”You’ll never meet an ugly drug rep in health care. It’s sexual salesmanship all the way.”

Yes, we now live in a true “tail-wagging-the-dog” society, do we not? We live in an era where “you might get sick” has become the disease de jour. Nobody in health care makes any money from a healthy population. So it’s essential that you believe you aren’t quite well.

How long before we discover – wonder of wonders – that our treatment juggernaut itself is far more devastating than the maladies?

My guess is, we have a few more decades of insanity, before we get to the weird science punch-line anyway. At least, not until the very, very end of the Twilight Zone.

Cue Rod Serling.

For the health of your loved ones, you might want to take a peek at this excellent study by a very, very bright fellow::

This book saves lives

This book saves lives

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