Doctor Convicted of Stalking Ex-girlfriend; Harassing a School District

In Fairfield, California, a physician has been found guilty of violating restraining orders, involving both his former girlfriend and the Fairfield-Suisun School District administration.

The doctor was found guilty of lurking outside his ex-girlfriend’s home after dark, wearing a trench coat and hat, according to police records.

Franklyn E. Seabrooks MD, age 50, stated during his trial that the reports were untrue, and that he was “being set up by my ex-wife.” He also believed he was being “framed” by the Sutter Medical Group, his former employer. A Spokesperson for Sutter Medical announced that Seabrooks had been stripped of his medical license in July,  2012, and no longer has privileges at the health-care group.

Dr Franklyn Seabrooks

Dr Franklyn Seabrooks

A neighbor who testified in the stalking case turned over to investigators threatening postcards apparently sent to her by Seabrooks, along with a magazine  article entitled “What People Do Before They Die.”

Seabrooks’ former girlfriend filed for a restraining order against the doctor in June, claiming that she had ended their five-month relationship in December 2011, but that he continued bombarding her with unwanted faxes and voice mails, text messages and postcards.

In February, 2012, the Fairfield-Suisun School District administration obtained its own restraining order against Seabrooks, because of continued, unwanted faxes from him. The faxes were signed “anonymous,” but investigators were able to prove that Seabrooks was sending them.

Judge Gregory M. Caskey stated,  “Why he did these things, we don’t know. I have serious questions about his psychological state with the paranoia, narcissistic behavior and the delusions. He used to be a well-regarded and well-respected doctor in the community.”

Doctor Seabrooks is out on bail while awaiting his sentence.

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According to the California State Medical Board, Seabrooks is a graduate of University of California, San Francisco school of medicine in 1988, and is a board certified orthopedic surgeon.

Case Update:

This doctor had his medical license suspended on July 12, 2013 by the California State Medical Board.

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Convicted of Stalking Ex-girlfriend; Harassing a School District

  1. Rhonda Jeffcoat says:

    This wonderful and kind man has been my doctor for 15 years. I am a Registered Nurse with 26 years ICU experience, and since being in an almost fatal car accident at age 20, legs crushed. seven surgeries later and still walking. I want to stand up for this doctor and say he is one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever known. Thank you, Dr. Seabrooks, for making all the difference in my life.

  2. Sam says:

    I know this gentleman personally. I will only say that all facts are not being presented regarding Dr. Seabrooks. Although his license has been revoked, Dr. Seabrooks was at the top of his class throughout his educational career. All of his story unfortunately is not being told. Nor are the right questions being asked or pondered.

    • Sam –

      Thank you for your thoughts on this case. I personally have no argument with any of the points you’ve made. My early thoughts, however, are these:

      1. As nearly as I can tell, the legal problems this doctor is experiencing have nothing to do with his education. So that subject is irrelevant.

      2. Franklin Seabrooks’ own attorney, Denis Honeychurch, said this:

      “Until a year ago he was a successful orthopedic surgeon. Since then he has been the victim of some mental health issues we are still exploring.”

      If one’s own lawyer is telling the court that you have “mental health issues” that are as yet undiagnosed, then in the interest of public safety, I’d say the last thing he should be doing is treating patients.

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