Utah Doctor Charged With Drugging & Drowning His Wife in Bathtub Faces Murder Charge

In Salt Lake City another physician has been formally charged with murdering his wife, in a a death that occurred five years ago.

According to the Utah County district attorney’s office, Doctor Martin MacNeill has long been considered the perpetrator, in the death of Michele MacNeill, whose body was found in a bathtub at their Pleasant Grove home in 2007.

Michele MacNeill, before drowning in bathtub

Michele MacNeill, before drowning in bathtub

Investigators believe they can prove that the woman drowned after being administered a lethal combination of drugs.

Martin MacNeill was already serving time in a federal prison following his conviction for Fraud, when the Salt Lake City district attorney filed the recent charge of Murder.

Detectives described Doctor Martin MacNeill as a lying adulterer who was for years able to hide a series of affairs, sexual assaults and fraud by successfully operating a busy medical practice in Pleasant Grove, not far from Salt Lake City.

Supporting evidence in the arrest warrant included sworn statements from former girlfriends that MacNeill had long ago killed his brother, Rufus R. MacNeill, who was coincidentally also found dead in a bathtub at his New Jersey home. MacNeill was never charged in the death.

A former girlfriend of the doctor, Anna Osborne, described MacNeill as a “serial killer” who threatened to kill a number of people over the years. One of MacNeill’s own daughters informed investigators that her father had once stated he should kill her, because she was a drug addict.

Another daughter, Alexis Somers, who is studying to become a doctor herself, stated her father’s “whole life” was a lie.

MacNeill now faces criminal prosecution for the murder of his wife. Authorities state it is unlikely he would ever have been arrested in this bizarre case, except for his daughters Alexis and Rachel, who hired their own investigator to examine their mother’s death after local authorities reported she died of natural causes while recovering from a facelift.

A few days before she was found dead, Michele MacNeill had made a strange comment to her daughter Alexis:

“If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn’t your dad.”

After a five-year investigation, Utah County authorities now believe MacNeill murdered his wife with an overdose of medication to end his marriage, to cover up an affair he was having with a woman named Gypsy Willis.

The murder trial is expected to begin in March, 2013.


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