Chicago Doctor Jailed for Beating and Threatening a Neighbor

Dr Sergei Shushunov

Dr Sergei Shushunov

In Glencoe, Illinois a pediatrician has been sentenced to six months in jail for entering a Skokie residence last year and assaulting the homeowner at gunpoint, investigators said.

Doctor Sergei Shushunov, age 60, was arrested and taken into custody in May, 2011, after he entered a house and confronted the homeowner with a handgun, according to court records.

Investigators stated that the doctor believed the unnamed homeowner was having an affair with his former wife, and burst into the Skokie residence, ordering the other man to stay away from her. Shushunov also struck  the man in the face multiple times at gunpoint.

Shushunov made the decision to plead guilty to attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault. He was sentenced to six months in jail, and 18 months probation. He was also fined $580.

According to the children’s healthcare website “4HealthyKids” Shushunov is the founder of Lev Laboratories. His website says that he is a “Geidualism Spiritualist.” He emigrated to the United States from Russia in the 1970’s.


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