Thousand Oaks, California MD Found Guilty of Patient Sexual Assault

A jury in Ventura County Superior Court has determined that a Thousand Oaks family practice physician is guilty of sexually abusing female patients while undergoing various physical exams.

Dr Barry Lefkovitch

Dr Barry Lefkovitch

Doctor Barry Lefkovitch, age 57, was convicted on five charges,  including three felony counts of forcible sexual penetration. He was also found guilty of two counts of sexual exploitation, one a misdemeanor and the other a felony.

Sheriff investigator Jason Robarts testified that one woman was at the medical office in December to get results of an allergy test for hives, but her regular doctor wasn’t there, so Lefkovitch took her to an empty medical room. Lefkovitch asked her to remove her underwear and made inappropriate comments about her husband, Robarts said. He gave the woman a vaginal examination without gloves and then an anal exam with gloves, Robarts testified.

Robarts reported the woman went to police and agreed to have a recorded conversation with the doctor. in a secretly recorded phone conversation with the woman, Lefkovitch was heard saying he had the “hots” for her, after he apologized for the way he had examined her.

“He was attracted to her since day one,” Robarts said the doctor told the patient.

Lefkovitch has not yet been sentenced. He is a graduate of Ross University school of medicine, Caribbeans.

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