The Case of the Freaky Fat-Fuel Farm

And this little blonde just knows he's quite the catch

And this little blonde just knows he’s quite the catch

Dr Craig Bittner

Dr Craig Bittner

In case you happened to miss this particular Twilight Zone tale, a Beverly Hills liposuction doctor, who had been investigated for more than five years, has now been found responsible for some rather strange deeds.

Doctor Craig A. Bittner, who operated out of a medical office in Beverly Hills, started boasting on his website that he created “lipo-diesel” by suctioning out his patients’ body fat and then using it to run his girlfriend’s SUV. This of course pretty much guaranteed he would come under the scrutiny of any number of authorities.

So it was no surprise to us when just a few investigators from the California Department of Public Health, the state Medicine Board, the Los Angeles Police Department and the L.A. County District Attorney, decided they’d like to chat with this “lipo-sculpture” character.

But that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, and in fact it would take a few years, because Bittner MD and his girlfriend closed up their medical office on Rodeo Drive and skipped town rather quickly one night. On his website he bade farewell to his patients, saying he was headed off to “Bogata” Columbia, to do some important work.

We guess he must have left in a hurry, since he didn’t bother to spell-check “Bogota.”

Alas, Craig Allan Bittner, MD has since been convicted of a Felony, stripped of his medical license, and is no longer a legal physician in the state of California.

But if you think this is the last time you’ll hear of this cheeky fellow, you don’t know much about the curious world of medicine.

He’ll be back.

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One thought on “The Case of the Freaky Fat-Fuel Farm

  1. unnamed says:

    This man is seriously deranged. He paid a complay called “Hammer and Star Detective Agency” to stalk several of his victims and their children. His attorney “Fenton and Nelson” of Los Angeles are without moral terpitude and used malicious means to seek to harrass and silence his victims, including multiple allegations that his victims were stalking HIM. Very deranged people.

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