Wife of Indian-born MD Who Bombed Another Doctor Sent to Prison

In Little Rock Arkansas, the wife of a doctor already in prison for a bombing that critically injured the chief of the Arkansas State Medical Board, is being sent to prison herself.

Sangeeta Mann

Sangeeta Mann, age 51,  was reported by detectives to have hidden evidence implicating her husband, Doctor Randeep Mann, during the 2009 attempted murder of Doctor Trent Pierce. Pierce, 54, the head of the Arkansas Medical Board, was badly burned in the attack and was initially listed in very critical condition.

A federal jury convicted Randeep Mann, age 52, in 2010, of using a weapon of mass destruction and destroying a vehicle with an explosive in the February ’09 attack that nearly killed Dr. Trent Pierce. Mann, a federal firearms dealer, also was convicted of illegally possessing 98 grenades and a machine gun. Investigators revealed that Mann was being disciplined by the state medical board on a number of issues, including the drug deaths of several patients.

Mad Bomber Dr Randeep Mann

During the trial of Sangeeta Mann, the jury listened to a number of phone conversations between her and her husband, who is serving a life sentence. They then convicted her of obstruction of justice. She will serve one year in jail.

Dr Trent Pierce lost his left eye in the attempted murder by another doctor

Dr Trent Pierce’s Car

*          *          *

Randeep Mann is an Indian-born physician who emigrated to the U.S. after his medical training at the Armed Forces Medical College, University Of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

And people have the nerve to criticize us for pointing out  the Third World Assassins among us. We pity the fools.




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