Florida Doctor Who Tossed ‘Drugs-For-Sex’ Parties Gets 10-Year Sentence

An Orlando pain management physician whose lifestyle included trading drugs for sex with his female patients has pleaded guilty in Superior Court in Florida.

Dr Mladen Antolic

Mladen Antolic, age 55, operated an office at the Mid-Florida Rehab clinic.  According to investigators, Antolic would routinely invite female patients to drug-fueled house parties; would trade drugs for sexual favors, and would videotape the sexual encounters with his intoxicated patients, including one patient’s daughter.

Antolic was first arrested in October, 2010 by Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents as part of a crackdown on rogue doctors who deal powerful, addictive drugs illegally. He was let out on bail, but was arrested yet again on more drug charges stemming from MBI’s search of his house, where agents found nearly 1,500 cocaine, oxycodone and alprazolam pills;, five guns, about $40,000 in cash. Police also found video-taping equipment which documented his illegal sexual behavior with multiple female patients.

In the words of State Surgeon General Shairi R. Turner, “Nothing short of a suspension of Dr. Antolic’s medical license can protect the public.”

But it took health department officials five months to reach that same logical conclusion.  Were he not in once again in jail, Antolic, like thousands of other doctors arrested in similar cases, could be right back at work.

“Dr. Antolic’s egregious behavior constitutes a serious and immediate danger to the public health, safety and welfare and he should not be allowed to practice medicine in any capacity,” said the order, signed by acting State Surgeon General Shairi R. Turner on Tuesday.

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In keeping with his Third World Assassin status, Mladen Antolic is from Croatia and attended medical school at Sveucilista u Zagrebu, Medicinski Fakultet, in Zageb, and graduated in 1979.

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