Buffalo New York Trauma Surgeon Kills Self After Killing Ex-Girlfriend

The body of Dr. Timothy V. Jorden, the man whom authorities believed murdered his ex-girlfriend two days earlier, was found near his home on June 15.  Homicide investigators report their findings indicate Jordan died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Dr. Timothy Jorden

Jorden, age 49, had been sought for questioning in the death of his former girlfriend, Jacqueline Wisniewski. Ms. Wisniewski was a 33-year old staff member of the Erie County Medical Center, where both were employed.

Erie County Medical Center

Jacquiline Wisniewski’s body had been found two days earlier in a stairwell of the Medical Center, with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.

Jackie Wisniewski

Jorden, a former Special Forces soldier,  was found in a ravine in the woods near his Lakeview, New York neighborhood. He had been the subject of a statewide manhunt for three days following the death of Ms. Wisniewski. He was a graduate of the University of Buffalo school of medicine in 1996, and had a history of domestic violence.

Jacqueline Wisniewski was a nursing student and mother of a young son.

*          *          *

Jacqueline Wisniewski is one of 1,079 known victims of domestic violence by physicians this year.


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