Florida Doctor Found Guilty of ‘Groping’ Female Patient

In Bradenton, Florida a physician known as “Dr. Rao” has been convicted of inappropriate contact with an adult female patient.

One of thousands of ‘TWAs’ we tolerate. Lord knows why.

Dr. Gangadahararao Chapalamadugu. age 66, was sentenced November 14 to one year in prison after he was found guilty of inappropriately touching a woman during the course of an examination at his Riverside Medical Center offices.

On the day of  a scheduled examination in May, 2009, the patient reported to police that Chapalamadugu had “lifted my blouse and touched my breasts” for no valid medical reason, according to the investigation report filed by the Bradenton Police Department.

During the exam, Chapalamadugu subsequently turned the victim around, reported the woman, and “pressed the front of his body against my back.” He repeatedly touch her breasts, squeezed her buttocks, and at one point placed his mouth on her breasts. The victim pushed him away and left the clinic immediately.

Two weeks later, in cooperation with Bradenton investigators, the victim returned to Chapalamadugu’s medical office  with a secret camera and microphone. When the woman stated, “You own me an apology for putting your mouth on my breast,” the doctor apologized twice.

Chapalamadugu, an internal medicine specialist, worked out of an office at the Riverside Medical Center. His medical license has been terminated, according to  a state of Florida Health Department spokesperson.

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Our research here at Medical Miscreants reveals that this same breast-groping doctor has a history of similar behavior, extending as far back as 1987.  At least 15 women have alleged sexual contact by Chapalamadugu, who was indicted in an almost identical complaint by another woman in 2002. That case did not go forward, as the lab coat lunatic was allowed to sidestep a trial, by being granted what is known as ‘pretrial intervention.’

And so, editorially speaking, what might we surmise this particular ‘TWA’ learned from his earlier experiences with the American criminal justice system?

We’d say he’s learned that as a foreign-educated physician, U.S. legal slaps on the wrist are not all that painful.


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