Question of the Day: Which profession kills more citizens than any other?


Here are exactly five of the 2,491 physicians convicted of serious crimes last year alone.

The Doctor Monster Tally for 2011 is now in: 2,491 Guilty Verdicts


Health Care reform? How about we start by just taking out the trash?

As a physician misbehavior investigator, I see enormous flaws in any Health Care ‘reform’ that refuses to address the off-the-chart volume of physician-related mischief. How is it that this subject is so deftly, consistently, blatantly sidestepped?

Monstrous fraud; thousands of unwarranted procedures; drug pushing beyond reason – our health care system provides fertile ground for excess and abuse. Chew on these points for a minute:

1. U.S. DOJ: “the estimated law enforcement cost to police & try criminal doctors and medical fraud, is 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually.” Let’s all stop and stare at that number again: $500,000,000,000.

2. 11,000 physicians found criminally guilty of serious misbehavior in the last decade. Five times as many civil or ethics hearings.

3. 2010 – 2,389 doctors convicted of egregious acts.

4. 2009 – 2,490 guilty verdicts, 5,100+ more sanctioned in civil proceedings.

When a single New York surgeon can perform & bill for 10,000 unwarranted eye operations

When a team of heart surgeons can cut open 900+ healthy chests to pad their own bank accounts

When the Michigan medical board chairman utters the words, “Yes, it can take five years to remove a child molester MD”

Then the only line that comes to mind was spoken on Apollo 13:

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Until we weed out the lab coat lunacy in America, any talk of “reform” is window dressing.

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