And you thought Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a bad man?

Medicine has unwittingly become a garden of truly ugly ironies, and none is stranger than this:

Since the year 1990, 3,410 U.S. doctors have been found to have caused the unnecessary deaths, of countless thousands of American citizens. Most of these poor folks were killed by adverse drug reactions that ought never have been prescribed. Thousands were killed by totally unnecessary surgeries. 400 were murdered outright; 5,000 patients were sexually assaulted.

Are you remotely aware that 2,500 doctors are convicted each year of Felony-level behavior?

Criminal thoracic surgeons cut open countless thousands of human chests, for no better reason than to amass wealth and assuage outsized egos.

Criminal OB/Gyn specialists assault an estimated 400,000 women each year, performing completely unneeded hysterectomies.*

Now consider Jack Kevorkian, MD, the “Angel of Death” who passed away last year. Here was a man not driven by wealth – who actually sat with his patients; cried with them; felt their agony, and carried out their begged-for end of life, with painless dignity.

Jack Kevorkian was treated more shoddily by his counterparts than any of his lab coat criminal peers, including those who murder spouses, shoot down coworkers, rape children and secretly film their naked patients.

Now, we  investigate bad doctoring for a living. Few assessors are more critical of errant physicians than we.


Jack Kevorkian, lecturing on the humanity of assisted suicide, at UCLA’s Royce Hall


So we can state with conviction and accuracy, that the sad fact is, errant health care – at the hand and/or direction of errant physicians – destroys 500+ innocent lives each day, and the only thing Jack Kevorkian was convicted of, was uncommon humanity.

Let’s put the damage to society into proper perspective.



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