Incompetent Surgeon Gets Life in Prison

In a Dallas Texas courtroom this week a jury sent a former neurosurgeon to life in prison. He had repeatedly and carelessly killed and injured patients during surgeries he had no business trying to perform.


Dr Christopher Duntsch, looking almost normal in a lab coat

The physician’s name is Doctor Christopher Duntsch, and during the sentencing portion of the trialwhich lasted 14 days – the prosecution reviewed the appalling history of this lab coat disaster, beginning with the years he spent in medical school. They focused on the premise that this so-called “surgeon” certainly knew he was incompetent all along – that he was routinely performing procedures he did not have the skills to do. But he bumbled through complex operations anyway. By finally determining the verdict of “guilty” the jury agreed.

Duntsch’s surgical outcomes were far, far worse than the accepted levels of common medical errors. So he was eventually arrested on 5 charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Sadly, he injured and destroyed many lives before he was finally stopped. Because, as so often happens within the cloistered world of medicine, Duntsch was allowed to operate on patients at Dallas Medical Center, Baylor Regional Medical Center, Legacy Surgical Center in Plano and University General Hospital, even after he’d had one poor patient, Kellie Martin, bleed to death during an operation.

Plano surgeon Christopher Duntsch left a trail of bodies. The shocking story of a madman with a scalpel (Matt Goodman, Dallas Magazine)

This stunningly careless physician carved a swathe of human carnage in north Texas year after year. His best friend, for example, was a man named Jerry Summers, who made the mistake of trusting Duntsch to cut on his spinal chord. He had no way of knowing that Duntsch was an egomaniacal monster. So Jerry Summers is now totally paralyzed. And still, the surgical horrors continued. During the trial, the prosecutors detailed how at least 31 patients at 4 different medical centers, suffered serious unnecessary injuries in less than 2 years, in the hands of a madman.

Here’s another look at this recent healthcare embarrassment:

The Dallas Morning News did a good job chronicling the final day of testimony, including impact statements by some of his victims.

New Mexico Cardiologist Heads to Jail

A heart specialist in New Mexico was convicted last week of stealing money from Medicare – as well as numerous other insurance payers – by submitting fake medical bills.


Dr Roy Heilbron

You’ll have to wait a bit while we conjure up our shocked face. Whhaaahh!

Does any other group of professionals pilfer more cash than America’s errant physician population? Are you ready for the short answer?

Doctor Roy G. Heilbron, age 53, confessed in a Santa Fe courtroom that he did indeed submit false claims for medical services at his clinic. His confession – now here’s a surprise – popped out of his mouth  just before he was about to stand trial on two dozen charges of grand theft.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, in cooperation with the FBI in Albuquerque, had all they needed to prove in federal court that Heilbron had routinely filed fraudulent insurance claims to not only Medicare, but other carriers too, such as Blue Cross of New Mexico, in a scheme that began in January 2010 and went on for a year and one-half.

One elderly couple who spend vacation time in Santa Fe, simply dropped by his office one day to see if he could take them on as new patients, in the event they might need a local physician. They discovered a month later that he had billed their insurance carrier $40,000 for their visit. Heilbron had created fake medical bills to support his imaginary care and 3 dozen treatments and tests on them – all in less that an hour.

The couple realized right away that something was smelly in Stinkyville, so they contacted the New Mexico State Medical Board. And Heilbron’s “let’s play doctor so I can get rich” scam was up.

The FBI discovered that Heilbron often defrauded the government’s medical insurance program, by performing unnecessary exams on new patients, and recording false diagnoses to justify them. He would make up imaginary patient symptoms on medical charts and even attach false ultrasound images.

Because a depressing amount of U.S. healthcare is . . . well, pretend healthcare.

Heilbron, who was supposedly a cardiologist before his turn toward crime, had already been spanked on the tushy by both the New Mexico and Florida state medical boards. And now he could get a 2-year term in federal prison when he is sentenced.

In keeping with U.S. healthcare’s vapid excuse for physician discipline, the Florida State Medical Board still lists this lab coat Whack-a-Mole as “a physician in good standing” on their website.

So go ahead. Gin up your own shocked face. We know you can do it if you put your mind to it.


A Doctor?? Stealing insurance money? Faking medical tests?? WHHAAAHH!


What Do U.S. Physicians Have to Say About Female Genital Torture by Immigrants? Nothing

More than 500,000 women and girls in the U.S. are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation, a barbaric custom long practiced in African and Mid-Eastern countries, but has been illegal in the U.S. for 20 years. Unfortunately, when a nation becomes a melting pot for every culture – regardless of how inhumane their religious practices might be – that nation  also becomes a magnate for some truly gruesome behavior. 

A report on how often this wicked ritual occurs – and which is now an ugly American reality – was published last January by the Centers for Disease Control, and the numbers of tortured female victims was well beyond previous guesses. The non-profit Population Reference Bureau also revealed that in major cities such as Los Angeles and  New York, Washington DC and Minneapolis, some immigrant communities are quietly performing shocking physical abuse behind closed doors.

What do traditional pediatricians and child psychiatrists have to say, after treating victims of this torture? Pretty much nothing.

Female genital mutilation, also called cutting or FGM, involves partial or total removal of the external genitalia for non-medical reasons. About 30% of the estimated 500,000 victims at risk are children. But when have you ever heard your local hospital even mention this subject?

The FBI is actively investigating tips on this uncivilized torture, knowing that medical providers stay silent. They hope victims and community members and medical professionals will come forward and report what they know.

Early last year, the FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recognized the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. The United Nations leads the zero-tolerance campaign, and they estimate that at a jaw-dropping 200,000,000 girls and women have undergone FGM worldwide.

Those who support this scourge claim they are following “God-ordained rituals”. But what is really happening, is male-dominant cultures exercising deep-rooted subjugation of females, to the extreme.

In spite  of being a crime in the U.S., the practice continues. “We believe some of it is being conducted by physicians, nurses and midwives – and some by female elders within the communities called cutters,” said FBI Special Agent Kerry Sparks, who focuses on FGM cases as part of the FBI’s International Human Rights Unit.

After the U.S. finally made the decision in 1996 to call  FGM  a crime, many Muslim families started sending their young women back to their home countries to have the procedure done there. In 2012, Congress passed additional legislation – the Transport for Female Genital Mutilation Act – which made “vacation cutting” illegal.

Not that such a law can seriously be enforced. So very, very few arrests ever happen.

In 2005, two Southern California immigrants confessed to charges related to performing FGM on two children. In 2006, an Ethiopian man living in Georgia was convicted on charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children, for performing FGM on his 2-year-old daughter. But for every arrest made, 100,000 others happen behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, it is a rare occasion when a traditional medical professional steps forward to report this butchery to law enforcement. Most states don’t even have laws against FGM, because the last thing they care to address is  widespread immigrant crime.

Our argument here is simple: for medical professionals to tolerate child and women torture, by failure to report what they see, all in the name of “diversity,” is immoral.

(The Department of Justice and the FBI include enforcement of this specific law)

Here are some other reputable, educational sources:

Troubled Florida Doctor Found Dead in the Ocean

A Florida doctor who was found guilty 3 years ago of drug-dealing has now been found dead in the ocean, in the city of Tampa.


Dr Aaron B Roush, arrested in 2013

Tampa Police Department announced they have identified the man, whose body was discovered floating at the Port last Friday, as that of Doctor Aaron B Roush.

Roush, age 48, had a history of getting into trouble with the law. Polk County detectives arrested him 4 years ago and he was later convicted, of operating his Lakeland clinic as a front for narcotic drug dealing. Appropriately, he had named his clinic Uphoria.

Investigative reporters with 10News in Tampa learned that Roush was embroiled in numerous legal battles at the time of his death.

Roush’s career as a physician came to an abrupt end after Polk County undercover agents, posing as patients, busted him peddling pain killers for cash back in 2013. A search warrant revealed illegal drugs in the trunk of his car.

In exchange for a guilty plea at the time, Roush was put on probation and ordered by the State Medical Board to never treat patients again. But he violated the terms of his probation last summer in Tampa, when he vandalized the elevator in his downtown condo.

Rouse was scheduled to go to court on a Criminal Mischief charge for damaging the elevator, at the end of this month. And he had another court date for violation of probation in March. But last Friday, Tampa Port employees found him floating in the water.

Tampa Police said Roush’s toxicology report will take at least several weeks. His former wife, Natalie Gonzalez, told 10News that with all the tragedy he had been through, she wouldn’t be surprised if his own actions contributed to his death.

“I would be shocked if toxicology doesn’t come back with something in his system. I think suicide is a real possibility. He was very depressed.”

A police records check revealed that Roush had also been arrested several times for domestic violence.

Tampa Police said they have no evidence that the troubled doctor was murdered.

Doctor Drug-Pushers: One Year Ago, a Medical Embarrassment Exposed

“I cannot imagine what you have gone through,” the doctor told the families at her sentencing in a low voice. “I have been, and will forever be, praying for all of you.” (Dr Lisa Tseng)


Dr “Lisa” Tseng referred to her patients as “druggies”

It was one year ago when a Los Angeles-area physician was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She had been convicted of Murder of 3 – out of at least 8 – of her patients who fatally overdosed from medication she prescribed to them.

In October 2015, Doctor Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng was found guilty of Murder for the deaths of Joey Rovero, age 21; Vu Nguyen, age 28, and Steven Ogle, age 25. These were merely some of her patients who had overdosed and died as a direct result if improper and dangerous volumes of drugs she would dole out on an hourly basis.

Tseng is reportedly the first American physician to be convicted of murder for recklessly prescribing drugs, according to L.A. County District Attorney John Niedermann. But hundreds of other doctor drug-dealers have been locked up over the past 20 years, with assuredly many more to come. The sheer number of corrupt physicians who have turned into criminal “pill mill” operators is astounding.

“This doctor repeatedly ignored warning signs even after several patients died, as she built a new medical clinic in Rowland Heights with the money she made from them, earning $5,000,000 in one three-year period. One patient even overdosed in her office and had to be revived.” (L.A. County District Attorney)

Tseng’s sentencing came as the United States finds itself in the grip of a nasty prescription drug abuse epidemic. The situation was an oft-mentioned theme by presidential candidates during the months prior to the election.

Both law enforcement officials and medical investigators point the finger at criminal and reckless opiate prescriptions as the root of the heroin scourge.

Consider what DEA, bad-doctor-case investigator Mark Nomady has to say, after he so frequently witnessed pill abusers whose drugs were supplied by doctors, end up dead with needles still in their arms.

“You can draw a straight line from pharmaceutical opiates to shooting heroin. At some point they can’t afford the pills, or their doctor gets arrested, and there they are left with a habit they can’t control.”

Prosecutor Niedermann told the court that the Murder charges against Tseng were well-deserved, because she had already been warned by law enforcement, that her patients were overdosing and dying, a year before she was arrested. Nonetheless, she continued selling drugs to drug users.

In at least one instance, the doctor was contacted by the L.A. County Coroner and told that her patients were dying all over town. She disregarded the deaths as “not my problem”.

Nomady, the retired DEA agent, investigated many bad-doctor cases in Southern California until he finally retired.

“One bad doctor can turn a whole town upside down,” he said.

Tseng’s case is actually the perfect example of a drug-pushing, pill-mill operator whose goal was profit – not patient care. She was indeed what law enforcement calls a “dirty doctor” turning patients into long-term addicts who would keep coming back time after time until they, well, died.

Tseng preferred pushing drugs to younger people who paid cash. She performed no meaningful examinations and recorded few notes. When family members would call her office and beg her not to prescribe any more narcotics, she ignored them and continued her wealth-building scheme.

At her sentencing, the judge told the doctor that she had operated a reckless “assembly line” clinic that generated thousands of dollars each day. He pointed out that she was still blaming others for the ugly case, even after she was arrested.

Tseng, who has 2 children, ages 12 and 9, may spend the rest of her life in prison. She will be eligible for parole at age 77.

Time to focus on ‘pill mill’ criminals

Over the past 5 years DEA agents have brought focus on “pill mills” nationwide. In 2014, law enforcement in New York arrested 2 dozen people – many of them physicians – for flooding the streets with 5,000,000 oxycodone pills.

Not long after, the U.S. Justice Department announced the “largest pharmaceutical-related takedown in the DEA’s history,” including 24 doctors and pharmacists, in a drug distribution conspiracy of addictive drugs in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

In 2013, another Southern California MD, Alvin Yee, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for drug-pushing out of Orange County Starbucks coffee shops, no less.

In December of last year in Santa Barbara, Doctor Julio Diaz was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for catering to drug addicts who paid him cash for prescriptions. Called “the Candy Man” by some of his patients, “Diaz was seen as a lethal danger by other physicians in town. They kept records that documented Paramedic transports of his patients to emergency rooms. This particular doctor drug-pusher is believed to have been involved in 20 patient deaths, although like so many other lab coat loons, he was never convicted of Murder.

In January of last year, law enforcement raided the office of a psychiatrist in Atlanta, after 12 of his patients died of prescription drug overdoses. The doctor was charged with prescribing addictive narcotics to people with no medical need.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Luotto Wolf, who has also prosecuted bad doctors, says she was stunned by the number of patients who turn to heroin, once they get hooked on prescription pills.

“These are people who never in a million years thought they’d be injecting themselves,” she said.

Niedermann, the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney, said he knew nothing about prescription drug scams before being assigned to his first case in 2008. In that case, he won a conviction against physician who was pulling in $1,000,000 a year in cash, by catering to addicts. That doctor was sentenced to 5 years in state prison.

Since then, in just the L.A.-area alone, Niedermann has gotten convictions against 7 more doctors for illegal drug pushing.

And folks, the beat goes on.

Here’s another view:

Texas MD Found Guilty: He Wigged Out on Airliner Flight to Hawaii

Last week in Federal Court  a 53-year-old doctor from Texas was convicted by a jury of interfering with a jetliner operations in flight.


How to secure a disruptive doctor’s seatbelt

Doctor William Clark Turner, from the city of Kemp, southeast of Dallas, was found guilty of garbage-level misbehavior which happened last March 14, while he was a passenger on an American Airlines jet, non-stop from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Hawaii.

Airline passengers told police  that Turner acted like a madman, verbally abusing other passengers seated around him  and interfering with the  flight attendant who was trying to keep order on the plane.

When the doctor’s idiotic behavior was relayed to the pilot, the cockpit was placed on ‘lockdown status’ for the safety of everyone, until the aircraft landed. The daft doctor was immediately arrested by Maui airport police.

When this fellow isn’t acting like a chimp on chocolate, he’s  an Emergency specialist employed by Athens Emergency Medicine Associates in Dallas.

Gee, that’s good to know.

Turner is expected to be sentenced in Hawaii by Judge Susan O. Mollway in June. The maximum sentence for airliner assininity is a 20-year term in federal prison.

In reality, he will serve very little time behind bars because, well, he wears a lab coat for a living, and American jurisprudence coddles physicians.

Here’s another look at this lab coat loon: