Doctors Stepping into Deep Doo-doo. It Happens 50 Times a Week


Dr Shoichi Okada

Dr Shoichi Okada

In the city of St. Louis a physician on staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital was arrested last week on a federal warrant of Child Pornography Possession.

Doctor Shoichi Okada of Richmond Heights, is a surgical resident at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  According to the police reports detectives searched his home on November 3, following an online investigation, which revealed child pornography. Following the search, investigators interviewed Okada, who confessed to downloading graphic sexual images of children for about one year.

Okada, age 30, was charged with a Felony November 4,  and was indicted in U.S. District Court.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital spokesman Nick McLaren told reporters that the doctor was now on administrative leave and would be allowed no patient contact.

A check into the Missouri Division of Professional Regulation shows no previous criminal behavior.

A spokeswoman for the John Cochran VA Medical Center reports that Okada had worked at the VA, but not since the end of 2013.

Here is another view of this case:

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Our Observations:

Shoichi Okada is a graduate of Case Western University School Of Medicine.

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Still Another MD Jailed in Despicable Elder Care Scam


Doctor ‘flooding streets with pills’

Dr Oliver Herndon

Dr Oliver Herndon

Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the former medical director of a skilled nursing facility has confessed in court that he sent patients to a terminal care center who were not terminally ill. He said he did this so he could steal money from Medicare with fraudulent medical bills.

Doctor Oliver Herndon from the city of Peters, was the medical director for Horizons Hospice. At the time of his arrest and trial, he was already serving an 11-year prison term for illegal drug dealing. He was convicted for prescribing thousands of doses of narcotics. He was found to be one of the most prolific “pill mill” physicians in the nation, stealing upwards of $400,000 from taxpayer-funded Medicare.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Cessar, Herndon and others placed patients in terminal care status during a 5-year period that started in 2008, even though they were not in fact dying at all. He then submitted false insurance claims for that unnecessary – and extremely frightening – care.

Horizons Hospice operates facilities in Monroeville, Harrisburg and Altoona, in Western Pennsylvania.

This was the second time Herndon has confessed to felonies in a federal courtroom. This fellow was a one-man clinical crime wave.

In 2012, the wayward MD pleaded guilty to prescribing more than 15,000 narcotic tablets to people with no medical need for them. Of course he got paid for each one – just like the street dealers do.

Here’s more on this lab coat lunatic:

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Our Observations:

Doctor Oliver Herndon, age 43, is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School. We notice that articles in that fine college newspaper – The Stanford Daily – are devoid of any reference to this particular alumnus. What a shame.

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So Your Doctor Wants You to Have a Heart Stent? Tell Him to Read This – And Then You’ll Talk

Dr Sandesh Patil - Medical Prostitute

Dr Sandesh Patil – Medical Prostitute

Kentucky Surgeon Goes to Prison for Heart Stent Fraud

In a U.S. District Court in Louisville a cardiologist has been ordered to prison after changing his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” of medical fraud. The doctor admitted that he exaggerated patient conditions in order to make money off of medically unnecessary heart procedures.

Doctor Sandesh R. Patil, a 51-year-old cardiac specialist, confessed to falsifying medical records and lying to patients, regarding the urgency and need for stents, which are tiny metal tubes implanted into blood vessels within the heart in order to prop them open and improve blood flow.

Patil, who worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London Kentucky, caused the hospital to have to repay the U.S. government $257,000 for billing theft over a two-year period that began in 2009.

According to an FBI Crimes press release, Patil is the third cardiologist in the U.S. to be federally prosecuted for fraudulent heart stent placement.

According to our own research, nine other cases are pending.

Steth Cash

                                                                            How well do you know YOUR doctor?

Here’s another view of this case, from the  Kentucky State Medical Board:

Felony conviction relating to health care fraud  (7/18/2013)

  • Action Taken: Other actions
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • State: Kentucky
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • Substandard Care, Incompetence or Negligence  (1/17/2013)
  • Action Taken: Agreed Order with Terms and Conditions
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • State: Kentucky
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)

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So in the Spirit of Halloween . . . Your Daily Dose of Stupid

Historical Hysterics:

Patient Sues Hospital and  Physician Because of Surgical Room Prank

Planning a surgery soon?

Planning a surgery soon?

In the late, great state of mind-bend called Los Angeles a woman is suing her doctor and a hospital. It seems that her surgical team thought it would be pretty funny to glue a fake moustache and sticky tears to her face – then take pictures – all as she lay unconscious during surgery as part of a prank.

We could make this stuff up, but with 2,500 lab coat loony tunes each and every year, why would we have to?

Mr. Andrew Ryan is the lawyer patient Veronica Valdez hired last year after the incident. He addressed the news media by saying that Ms. Valdez did not find it even slightly funny that a physician would do such a thing, let alone allow staff members to snap pictures of her face as she lay helpless.

Ms. Valdez is 36 and was herself employed by the hospital – Torrance Memorial Medical Center – since 2001.

“There’s no such thing as a joke in the operating room. For them to play a joke is cruel,” attorney Ryan said. “I have never seen anything like this. It’s an incredible breach of privacy, of HIPAA, of common decency, of the Hippocratic Oath.”

Valdez, a surgical supply purchaser for Torrance Memorial, stated she was horrified when she learned that her coworkers had attached a fake moustache above her lip and yellow tear drops below her left eye, and then actually allowed a nurse to take pictures. The pictures were then sent out over the internet – a total embarrassment for her and her family.

The behavior of Doctor Patrick Yang, the anesthesiologist responsible for the event during the October 2011 surgery, prompted an investigation by the California State Medical Board, which reprimanded the hospital. The Board called the prank a “breach of professionalism” but went no further. Of course, you have to look at it from the State Board’s point of view. If they allow drug dealers; kidnappers,  scammers and rapists to keep THEIR licenses to practice – what’s a little O.R. prank among friends?

Dr Patrick Yang

Dr Patrick Yang

In his deposition, Yang MD admitted to cutting up sticky medication labels with scissors and attaching tear drops and a moustache to the sleeping patient’s face.

“I think she would get a laugh out of it,” he said. “She would appreciate it, thought that was funny.”

Yang and the Torrance Anesthesia Medical Group were suspended by the hospital for two weeks.

Ms. Valdez’ lawsuit is pending.

Here’s another view of this case:

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Our Advice? Never Take Coffee from a Jealous Doctor

A love triangle that started with Gonzalez-Angulo sitting in Blumenschein’s lap as they worked on scholarly papers. He called her his “Little Princess.”

We could make this stuff up. Unfortunately, we don’t have to.

Let's hope these two stop breeding

Let’s hope these two stop breeding

In the state of Texas a superior court jury found a Houston cancer specialist guilty of assault last week, after she spiked the coffee of a coworker with a deadly chemical.

Doctor Ana Gonzalez-Angulo, age 43, was on trial for poisoning Doctor George Blumenschein, a research colleague with whom she worked.



According to court records, the prosecution convinced the jury that Gonzalez-Angulo was a “devious and diabolical person” who became obsessed with George Blumenschein. The investigation revealed that their relationship turned into a “fatal attraction” and Gonzalez-Angulo decided to kill Blumenschein. Blumenschein testified that he had broken off the relationship in order to make amends with his long-term girlfriend, Doctor Evette Toney, whom he had lived with for 10 years.

Dr Evette Toney

Dr Evette Toney

Blumenschein testified that, on the day of the assault, January 27, 2013, he was stricken seriously ill within 30 minutes after he and Gonzalez-Angulo had a sexual encounter at her home. He suspected that she had put something into his coffee, which tasted different than usual. Detectives later learned that Gonzalez-Angulo had arranged for a liquid compound, ethylene glycol, to be delivered to the lab at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center where they were both on staff. It was not a chemical that was normally used in their work. A toxicology report revealed that Blumenschein had ingested a large and sudden dose of ethylene glycol that day.

Witnesses testified that the lady doctor had bragged more than once that she had “had people killed before.”

During the trial, another doctor in the same department, Marjorie Green, told the court that Gonzalez-Angulo had confessed to her after Blumenschein had been poisoned that, “she was nervous because she’d had ethylene glycol shipped to her office.”


When she wasn't killing people, they say she was a pretty good doctor

When she wasn’t killing people, they say she was a pretty good doctor

In the meantime, lothario Blumenschein has partially recovered, although he has been left with less that 50% of healthy kidney function.

Doctor Ana Gonzalez-Angulo, who for more than a decade has enjoyed international respect for her work as a breast cancer oncologist at Houston’s Anderson Cancer Center,  could spend the next 20 years in state prison when she is sentenced.

Here’s a bit more on these medically degreed, soap opera nutcases:

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Our Observations:

Ana Maria Angulo emigrated to the United States after graduating from the University of Cauca, Division of Health Science in Colombia. Even though her victim did not die, he was left with permanent kidney damage, and this most recent lab coat loon still makes our list of Third World Assassins.

Incidentally, Angulo’s home country’s largest export? Coffee.

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Our Inconvenient, Embarrassing Truth . . .

Doctors Hasan, Eroshevich, Kapoor, Murray, Thompson & Bishop

Sound Like a Clinic You Should Trust?

Just makes us proud to be an American

Just makes us proud to be an American


 >  A woman calmly pulls a gun from her purse and opens fire on six colleagues sitting around a table at a staff meeting.

>   A man on a military base murders 13 people who wear the same uniform he does.

>   Three Los Angeles professionals ply their celebrity clients with powerful drugs under questionable circumstances using fake names, and some very famous entertainers now lay dead.

>   Twin, 53-year-old pediatricians in Ohio get long prison terms for years of child sexual assaults.

What do these individuals have in common? Well, they each have achieved the highest level of medical degrees to be found on planet earth, and their names are now enshrined at the National Practitioner Data Bank, viewed as “Dangerous” or “Questionable” by the Health Research Group.

They also join the 2,490 other doctors who find it impossible to remain on the right side of the law in any 12-month period of any year.*

The only aspect of the stunning volume of physician crime more despicable than the acts themselves, is the outright enabling of it, by their otherwise ethical peers and state medical boards, who turn a blind eye toward some of the strangest behavior in society until it’s far too late. So what can a reasonably intelligent citizen do, to ensure the safety of his or her family? Fortunately, the internet is a modern miracle. It is now – in the year 2014 –  a simple task to quickly determine who your state and federal representatives are, and which ones sit on health-related committees. Each of our senators and representatives has office staff, whose function it is to read incoming mail. Let them know that you believe physician discipline histories need to be transparent to all Americans. Tell them anything less is not acceptable. Remind them that it is entirely ridiculous that – as the situation stands now – citizens can learn far more about the reputation of their auto mechanic than their heart surgeon. By what stretch of imagination does that make sense?

Finally, you might care to mention this: Any “health care reform” discussion within the hallowed halls of legislation, that fails to include the embarrassing reality of physician misbehavior, is not merely impotent. It is irresponsible.


* compilations, U.S. Department of Justice; FBI & state attorneys general annual reports; 48 state medical quality assurance boards agenda data

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We consider the following response important enough to attach to the front page. And we are very thankful for the exceptional minds – as the author of the following comment  – who actually take time out of their busy days to pay attention to the appalling events happening in our society:

permanentevigilante says this:

“I have always been outraged at how the fact that Major Nidal Hasan was a PSYCHIATRIST has been totally ignored by the media.

Dr Nidal Hasan, mass-murderer, Fort Hood Texas

Dr Nidal Hasan, former U.S. Army Psychiatrist

Dr Nidal Hasan, mass-murderer, Fort Hood Texas

Dr Nidal Hasan, mass-murderer, Fort Hood Texas, November 2009

Whenever there is a mass killing, the media laments that not enough money is going to fund Mental Health care [i.e. psychiatrists]. I wonder how many homicidal patients Dr. Hasan “counseled” before wiping out 13 lives all by himself? Who is counseling the wacko psychiatrists?”

*     *     *

How much of this subject did we hear discussed during the 3-year Obamacare debate?


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Five Years Ago Our Message Began This Way . . .

 PR Urgent

Author K. Patrick McDonald Shares Some Rather Surprising Findings of Doctor Misbehavior in America, on Jacqueline Marcell’s “Coping with Caregiving” Radio Program


November 10, 2009 – K. Patrick McDonald, researcher and author of, “America’s Dumbest Doctors: Ever Wonder about Yours?” will be interviewed on the “Coping with Caregiving” internet radio show, on Saturday, November 14. McDonald’s study includes such revelations that 237,000 physicians have been considered either “Dangerous” or “Questionable” by the Health Research Group, over the past 25 years.

“Coping with Caregiving” can be heard live from 3-4:00 pm Pacific Time (6-7:00 Eastern Time) each Saturday. This unique program features four guests – one in each of four segments. McDonald’s interview is scheduled for the 3:00 pm Pacific Time slot, during segment #1.

To listen to this author’s unique perspective, simply click here:

McDonald’s focus on the subject of aberrant doctors began in the late 1970’s when – as a young pre-med student – he was profoundly influenced by the murder conviction of one of his school’s most popular instructors, former Army Captain Doctor Jeffrey MacDonald. MacDonald was found guilty in the stabbing deaths of his wife and two young daughters.

Over three decades, the author became evermore aware that strange conduct among physicians appeared to rival any other American profession. Not all the absurdity was murderous, of course, nor even criminal. A considerable amount was simply bizarre. Such was the genesis of America’s Dumbest Doctors – an edgy assessment of literally thousands of medical miscreants, from the hilarious to the tragic.

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The host of the over seven-year-old popular program, Jacqueline Marcell, is an eldercare advocate, international speaker, and author of the best-selling book “Elder Rage”,

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The purpose of this post is to let readers know that our message is taken seriously by some pretty impressive folks out there. And Jacqueline Marcell is one of those people:

Jacqueline Marcell

Jacqueline Marcell

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