Medical Maniac Who Drugged Michael Jackson Could Be Released in Two Months

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Murray in L.A. courtroom

Doctor Conrad Murray, now in jail for the Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson, could be free to walk the streets yet again as soon as late October.

You recall mad-man Murray, we’re sure. He is the one found guilty in November 2011 of administering lethal doses of the surgical drug Propofol to Jackson, in an outrageous collaboration between doctor and patient to help Jackson sleep.

The L.A. District Attorney’s prosecutors proved at trial that Murray caused the death of Jackson by enabling Jackson’s ongoing drug habit and grossly abusing his position as a physician. Court records show Murray was ordering Propofol by the gallon.

Murray was originally sentenced to a 4-year state prison term in California, but due to overcrowding, has served his time in county jail. He is expected to be released early based on California’s overcrowded jail system as well as his “good behavior” status.

Here’s a bit more on this poster child for doctor drug-running:

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West Hollywood MD Goes Down in Drug-dealing Case

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Dr James W Eisenberg

Dr James W Eisenberg

A Los Angeles physician who scribbled out more than 1,000 illegal narcotic prescriptions has changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty.

Doctor James William Eisenberg, age 72,  admitted to a single count of narcotic distribution.

Federal investigators discovered that Eisenberg had routinely written hundreds of prescriptions for no reason other to gain wealth. He sold the drugs out of so-called clinics, such as Pacific Support Services in West Hollywood. He also issued “medical marijuana” recommendations, according to Drug Enforcement reports.

As far back as December 2011, Eisenberg was referred to by a federal judge as a “drug dealer” and had his prescription registration permit suspended. It was permanently revoked in July 2012.

Eisenberg, who lives in Venice, was named in a Drug Enforcement Administration indictment in May, charging him with four counts of using a revoked registration number and three counts of distribution of hydrocodone.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Barron, Eisenberg faces up a 30-month prison term at sentencing hearing in December.

Here’s more:

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Here is what a state medical board doctor sanction looks like:


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Former Palm Springs Doctor in Deep Doo-Doo Yet Again

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Amazing how many lab coat lunatics graduate from med school and then forget how to keep their pee-pees tucked into their adult pants.

Dr Sexual Harass art


A Coachella Valley real estate developer who was once a physician until his medical license was revoked, has been convicted yet again of sexual harassment.

The former doctor, Suresh Shah, was found guilty last week by a Riverside County Superior Court jury after a month-long trial in Palm Springs.

Court records show that a property leasing agent at the Town Center Mall, Karen Moran,  was believed credible by the jury, when she complained that Shah had committed gender discrimination and sexual harassment, during a 6-month period that began in the summer of 2007.

During the trial attorney John Dalton presented eight other women who testified to sexual misconduct by Shah toward them. The women reported that Shah would touch Moran inappropriately and use “vulgar, gender-based language” when talking to her and other female employees. They testified he would often ask for sexual encounters in exchange for higher salaries, and repeatedly sent them sexually explicit emails.

“Frankly, I think the jury was incensed by this man’s behavior,” Dalton said.

Shah, age 72, was ordered by the court to pay $250,000 in compensatory damages, and because the jury also believed Shah acted with “malice” he must also pay $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

Here’s more:

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Before he emigrated to the United States this Third World Assassin attended

Municipal Medical College Gujarat University  in Ahmedabad and graduated in 1975.

This man’s real name is Sureshchandra C. Shah and we knew him personally when he was Chief of Anesthesiology at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Indio in the 1980s. Our rescue team clearly recalls being advised when his medical license was revoked in 2000 and he was therefore not legally able to see our patients, as the result of serious ethical violations including sexual misconduct with patients.

And in the year 2008 the California State Medical Board performed a very rare act, when they denied his re-licensure, determining that this man was not fit to treat patients in any capacity.

Shah’s behavior around medical staff members we were familiar with, was part of the impetus for us to write “America’s Dumbest Doctors.”

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Florida Doctor Convicted in Auto Crash Insurance Scam

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fraud doc steth art

Four people – including one doctor – changed their “Not Guilty” pleas to “Guilty” in a Florida federal court last week. They have been convicted of conspiracy charges, for their roles in a fake auto accident with injury scheme, according to U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer.

Doctor Aaron Freedlander, a chiropractor in Weston, was found to be a key player in a fraudulent chiropractic clinic scheme which resulted in the auto insurance theft of millions of dollars.

According to court documents, between October 2006 and December 2012, the co-conspirators would stage hundreds of car crashes and then submit false insurance claims through at least 20 chiropractic clinics controlled by a man named Elias Munguia, age 41, of Miami.

Car Crash art

Investigators discovered that medical clinic operators would hire chiropractors like Freedlander, who then billed auto insurance companies for medically unnecessary treatments, as well as for services that were never provided.

Freedlander, age 50, could get 20 years in prison for each Mail Fraud and Money- laundering count. He has also been ordered to pay $2,000,000 in restitution at his sentencing hearing in West Palm Beach.

According to federal investigators, the insurance fraud crackdown known as Operation Sledgehammer, has brought down 21 medical clinics and nearly 100 men and women across the state of Florida.

Here’s more:

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Meanwhile, Our Neighbors to the North Have This . . .

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Sudbury Doctor Convicted of Sexual Assault

Well-known  physician Alfred N. Nkut was found guilty last week in Ontario Canada of Sexual Assault on a patient.

Dr Alfred Nkut

Dr Alfred Nkut

Nkut, who specialized in family practice, showed no emotion at the guilty verdict from Superior Court Justice Patricia Hennessy. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman with whom he had regular contact, between June 2008 and May 2009 at his Val Caron clinic.

The doctor was originally charged with five counts of sexual assault following the investigation.

As is the Canadian standard, the identification of the woman is withheld.

The woman, who testified the sexual advances and inappropriate touching started on June 5, 2008  reported Nkut’s continuous efforts to hug and kiss her; repeatedly asking for sex; and touching and grabbing her breasts.

The woman told the court she decided to stop all contact with Nkut in May 2009 and notified Greater Sudbury Police about the physician’s misbehavior.

Nkut, who is married with children, admitted he did ask the woman for sex multiple times over the course of a year, but stated he never touched her inappropriately.

Nkut also faces a $5,000 charge of Medical Billing Fraud – allegedly filing false claims with the Ontario Province Health system.

Nkut, age 48, who is out on bail, is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

Here’s another view:

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This man graduated from the University of Yaounde in Cameroon, Central Africa, in 1993 and emigrated to Canada.

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California ‘Doctor Monster’ Finally Brought Down

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Michelle Durand

Article provided by Michelle Durand

San Francisco Bay Area Daily Journal


Ayres art

For the victims of Doctor William Hamilton Ayres and their families, yesterday was the day they’d been waiting decades to see — the once-prominent child psychiatrist wheeled off into sheriff’s custody to begin serving time for molesting former patients.

Ayres, 81, won’t be formally sentenced until August 26 but Judge Beth L. Freeman ordered him taken to the county jail to await that hearing and a mandatory doctor’s report on his likelihood to reoffend. The jail time served will count as credit toward his ultimate prison sentence.

Ayres’ incarceration is a change for a man who has spent most of the last six years free on bail while being prosecuted for abusing boys under the guise of medical exams. During a hearing last year to determine if he was faking dementia to avoid trial, prosecutor Melissa McKowan referenced a report from Napa State Hospital, where he’d been committed as incompetent, that said Ayres was intentionally refusing treatment. Ayres, McKowan said, asked “Why? So I can go to prison?”

Although Ayres was originally charged with molesting six patients between 1988-1996 when they were ages 9 to 13, authorities believe he abused dozens of other patients whose cases fall outside the statute of limitations. 

Ayres was once well-known as president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Police began looking at him in 2002 and, in 2005, Ayres settled a lawsuit with a former patient but he wasn’t arrested on a $1,500,000 warrant until 2007. Between then and yesterday’s remand into custody, Ayres posted bail over the years as charges were added.

Both his criminal and competency trials ended with hung juries and he was eventually released from Napa State Hospital to stand trial again. After changing his plea in May, the judge allowed him to remain free pending sentencing. But the court-appointed doctor’s need for more time to complete the “dangerousness” report prompted the judge to act.

Judge Freeman indicated a likely eight-year prison term for Ayres’ crimes but will consider up to 22 years after hearing from the victims.

Here’s more on medical monster Ayres:


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U.S. Physician Crime-Wave Rumbles Right Along: 246 More Go Down in July

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Doctor Handcuffs

You can file this one under the category “Won’t these idiots ever learn?”

As nearly as we can tell, a full 246 doctors ended up in court last month, after stepping into serious legal doo-doo. And it is well worth noting that for every MD found legally culpable of crimes, another 25 are sanctioned civilly behind closed doors.

Here are just a few of them. Lord have mercy, are these fools are serious pigs:

Pig doctor art


Dr. Frank Lobacz – Multi-Millionaire Theft

Dr. Robert Sueng-Bok Lee – Fraud

Dr. Peter Lesneiski – Fraud

Dr. Margaret Edwards – Patient Neglect resulting in death

Dr. Barry Leftkovitch – Multiple Sexual Assaults on Patients

Dr. James Peak – Child Pornography

Dr. Charles Neuringer – Drug-running

Dr. Robert Joseph Ferrante – Charged, Wife Murder by Poisoning

Dr. Edita Milan – Drug-running, Conspiracy

Dr. Walid Abdulhamid – Patient Rape

Dr. Roland Wong – Insurance Fraud, Theft

Dr. Anand Persaund – Drug-running

Dr. William Conway – Prescription Fraud

Dr. Raja Chakrapani – Patient Sexual Assault

Dr. Jacqueline LoPresti – Drug-running

Dr. Kassam Hallak – Multiple Patient Rapes

Dr. Philip Pollen – Drug-running

Dr. Anthony Garcia – Charged with Murdering 4 people

gun n police tape art

Dr. Cynthia Cadet – Prescription Fraud resulting in multiple patient deaths

Dr. Joseph Castronuovo – Prescription Fraud resulting in multiple patient deaths

Dr. Paul Miluk – Patient Sexual Assault

Dr. Christopher Morris – Assault

Dr. Frank Santangelo – Bribery

Barry P. DeRan – Drug Trafficking

Dr. Oluwarotimi Fashoranti – Sexual Assault

Dr. Lori Reaves – Medicare Theft

Dr. Mahmoud Yassin – Medicare Theft

Dr. Keith D. Goldblum – 13 Sexual Assaults on teenage girls

Dr. Steven L. Armus – Cocaine Conspiracy

Dr Calvin Day – Patient Sexual Assault

Dr. Zhanna Kanevsky – Drug Trafficking

Dr Dennis Aponte – Conspiracy, Bribery

Dr. Claudio Dicovsky – Conspiracy, Bribery

Dr. Franklin Dana Fortunato – Conspiracy, Bribery

Dr. Bruce Becker – Providing Alcohol to Minors

Dr. Farid Fata – Fraudulent Misdiagnoses

Dr. James Bressi – Charged, Numerous Patient Sexual Assaults

Dr. Joseph Mermelstein – $2,000,000 Medicare Theft

Dr. Howard Gidden – Patient Sexual Assault

Dr. Scott Dodd Anderson – Patient Sexual Assault

Dr.  Dipak Desai – Responsible for Massive Hepatitis Outbreak

Dr. Robert Hadden – Charged, Multiple Patient Sexual Assaults

Dr. Randy Zeid – Massive Drug-dealing

Dr. Ramon Fakhoury – Charged, Multiple Patient Sexual Assault

Dr. James Hargroder – Sending Sexually Explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl

How well do you know yours?

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