Homicide by Doctor: It Ain’t Nuthin’ New . . .

Doctors Who Kill Doctors Who Kill

A British Medical Association executive once remarked that serial killer Doctor Harold Shipman – believed to have murdered 250 people – was a “very rare case.”

Dr Harold Shipman

Dr Harold Shipman

Hate to break the news, BMA-man. You obviously haven’t been paying attention. The career of physician just happens to generate more homicide than any other profession.

Which is downright weird, when you think about it. Killer veterinarians are practically unheard of.

As far back as 1888 in London, “Jack the Ripper,” killed 5 women, and is believed by some investigators to have been a surgeon. Let’s take a peek at a few others:

The God Complex . . .

Both world and U.S. history reveals a plethora of multiple homicides by physicians. Any serious researcher can make a powerful argument that the medical profession acts as a magnet for those with pathological focus on the power of life and death. William Theodore Durrant, for example, was a student doctor in San Francisco who murdered two women in a church in 1895 – in what was called the “Demon in the Belfry” killings. Durrant was caught, convicted and hanged in 1898. Robert Diaz, a California nurse, pretended to be a doctor. He would administer secret injections and told his friends to call him “Doctor” Diaz. He was sentenced to death in 1984 for killing 12 patients with the heart medication xylocaine.

Family Members a Favorite Target . . .

The heavily insured wife and brother of Doctor William Palmer died suddenly of sickness and convulsions, preceded by his mother-in-law in 1849. He was a serial killer who is believed to have poisoned 13 kids and other family members and at least 1 friend. His drug of choice was strychnine.

In 1881 Doctor George Lamson poisoned his two brothers-in-law in order to inherit their estates.

Doctor De La Pommerais used digitalis to kill his wife’s mother for her estate, and then killed his mistress for an insurance policy, in 1863.

Doctor Edward W. Pritchard – back in the mid-1880’s – killed his fourth child; then took out an insurance policy on his young housemaid and killed her too. He then poisoned his mother-in-law and first wife with antimony. He was the last person to be publicly hanged in Scotland.

Doctor J. Milton Bowers’ three wives were all heavily insured and died under suspicious circumstances, one in 1865 and the other two in the 1880s.

Doctor George Chapman, one of the “Jack the Ripper” suspects, was hanged for the serial poisoning of three of his partners with antimony.

Dr Bennett C. Hyde

Dr Bennett C. Hyde

Doctor Bennett C. Hyde killed three of his family members using cyanide and strychnine, which allowed him to inherit the family estate. His sister-in-law also became deathly ill for some strange reason. Wonder of wonders, a doctor who was about to testify against him mysteriously died just before the trial, back in 1910.

In 1935 Doctor Buck Ruxton dissected his wife and maid with a jigsaw and scattered their parts along the Scottish Border.

Doctor Henry Lovell Clark, a doctor in the Indian medical service in the 1930s, conspired with his girlfriend to murder first her husband with arsenic then his wife, who was killed by paid assassins.

In 1947 Doctor Robert Clements of the Royal College of Surgeons murdered his fourth wife with morphine for her money. He is believed to have murdered his first three wives too, as he signed their death certificates. Both he and the doctor he called to examine his dying fourth wife diagnosed leukemia. That doctor later committed suicide.

In 1954 Doctor Sam Sheppard (of “The Fugitive” fame) was convicted of killing his wife by hitting her in the head 35 times. Then his mother and mother-in-law died mysteriously, and he was sued after two surgical deaths. His second wife obtained a restraining order because of his threats to kill her.

Doctor Carl Coppolino murdered his doctor-wife with a muscle relaxant. Under his supervision his mistress also injected her husband with the same muscle relaxant, who died suddenly of “coronary thrombosis” after being attended by Coppolino. He was convicted in 1967.

The particularly wealthy wife of a Doctor John Hill, Joan, died after an unexpected illness in 1969, in Houston. Hill made certain she was embalmed before the toxicology tests that her father demanded could be done. He then married another woman, who told police the doctor was trying to kill her too. She reported that he had told her he had killed his brother with morphine and his father and a family friend. He was assassinated on his front porch 1972.

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

You may recall Doctor Jeffrey Macdonald, the U.S. Army captain who still sits in prison for murdering his pregnant wife and 2 little girls in 1970.

In the 1990s two American doctors committed double filicide. A doctor in St. Louis murdered his two sons, several years apart, for their insurance money. Doctor Debra Green, a cancer specialist, killed two of her children by burning the house down and confessed to trying to kill her third child by arson and her doctor-husband by ricin poisoning.

Killing Strangers . . .

Doctor Thomas Neill Cream, the London “Prostitute Poisoner,” was the first male serial killer to be hanged in England, in 1892. He also killed three women in America.

Dr Marcel Petiot

Dr Marcel Petiot

Doctor Marcel Petiot, France’s worst ever serial killer,  murdered at least 100 people during the second world war for their possessions.

American Doctor Morris Bolber made a fortune from an insurance scam that involved killing 30 Italian immigrants in the 1930s. Bolber teamed up with the “Philadelphia Witch” – a woman who had poisoned her husband. She provided Bolber with the names of potential victims.

Killers of Patients . . .

Dr Michael Swango

Dr Michael Swango

Doctor Michael Swango, one of America’s most outrageous serial killers, is believed to have murdered 60 patients and colleagues. He also killed several people in Africa in the 1990s. But the medical establishment refused to take the actions needed to stop him until the very end – long, long after they knew there was something seriously wrong with the guy.

In 1967 Doctor Ronald E. Clark in Detroit, sexually assaulted his patients and then killed them with sodium pentothal. 10 years later Doctor Mario Jascalevich of New Jersey murdered five patients with curare. A Norwegian doctor, Arnfinn Nesset, is believed to have killed as many as 138 patients, using curare over a five-year period in the late 1970s, perhaps obtaining sexual satisfaction while watching them die. He at first used an insanity – then euthanasia – defense, but the jury found him guilty on 21 counts of murder.

Doctor Harry Howard Holmes, the “torture doctor,” is believed to have killed at least 200 women in his “murder castle” in Chicago, between 1892-1896. Holmes was the first serial killer hanged in America.

Dr H.H. Holmes

Dr H.H. Holmes

Doctor Jean-Paul Marat, one of the most bloodthirsty animals to walk the earth was – during the French revolution – a trail blazer in political serial killing by proxy. Marat wrote: “In order to ensure public tranquility, 200 000 heads must be cut off.” Marat’s assassination in 1793 made him a martyr in the public’s eyes, and all over France streets and towns are named after him.

Papa Doc Duvalier

Papa Doc Duvalier

The appalling Haitian dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier, first known as a tropical medicine specialist, ordered mass executions in the 1960s. He bragged that his “curse” was responsible for the assassination of John Kennedy. Regardless, he is certainly responsible for 30,000 others.

Of course the killers without peers were the Nazi doctors, who engaged in ethnic genocide. Josef Mengele would torture Jewish children, Gypsy children and thousands others. “Patients” were put into pressure chambers; tested with drugs; castrated; frozen to death, and exposed to other traumas. It is believed he was directly responsible for the murder of 1,500,000 children, and his favorite thing in the world was to perform surgical experiments on twins.

Likewise at Auschwitz, Doctor Herta Oberhauser killed children with oil injections; cut off their arms and legs; cut out their internal organs; rubbed ground glass and sawdust into wounds. She drew a 20-year sentence as a war criminal, but was released in 1952 – as criminal physicians generally are in this country – and became a family doctor at Germany.

Here at Medical Miscreants, it is our sincere hope there is a special niche in Hell for each and every one of these medical monsters.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest that a wise society might do well to pay attention.

History does tend to repeat itself, and there exists no creature on the planet more dangerous to your wellbeing than a stranger in a lab coat.

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Immigrant Doctor Fraud Case. You’ll Forgive Our Shocked Face, Right ?

Dr Adnan A Ashkar

Dr Adnan A Ashkar

In Leavenworth Kansas still another doctor joins the bloated list of physicians nationwide convicted of stealing from a federal government insurance program.

The State of Kansas Attorney General’s Office announced this week that Doctor Adnan A. Ashkar, has admitted in Leavenworth County District Court that he committed 6 Felonies – namely, defrauding the Medicaid insurance program by billing for services he did not perform and then faking patients’ medical records to make it appear his treatments actually happened.

Ashkar, who is 71, was ordered to immediately pay $12,000 in restitution to Medicaid. He is also banned from future participation in Medicaid.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Kansas Attorney General Stefani Hepford. During the trial she was able to prove that Ashkar had been stealing money from the insurance program for at least a 5-year period, which state investigators believe started in early 2009.

The wayward MD, who specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, is scheduled to be sentenced late next month.

Here’s another view of this medical miscreant:


*          *          *

Our Observations:

Before his life of crime in the U.S. Ashkar MD lived in Iraq, where he attended and eventually graduated from the University of Baghdad College of Medicine.

Any chance this lab coat loon will be deported? Of course not. The U.S. does not deport criminal physicians.

We reward them with relicensure and the do all in our power to hide their crimes from future, unwitting patients.


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Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, They Take Bad MDs a Bit More Seriously . . .

Dr Indika S. Balasuriya

Dr Indika S. Balasuriya

In the city of Negombo a physician found guilty of Rape and Murder of a young woman was sentenced to death this week by a High Court judge.

The prosecution was able to prove that Doctor Indika S. Balasuriya, a surgeon at Negombo Hospital did in fact murder 22-year old Chamila Dissanayake on November 12, 2007, by pushing her off the 6th floor of the hospital building.

Three hospital staff members, as well as a Medical Officer of Ragama Teaching Hospital, testified during the trial last year. The victim Chamila had visited the hospital for treatment of a cyst in one of her breasts.

Police Inspector Pradeep Siriwardana, who conducted the investigation, testified that among the evidence found in the convicted doctor’s room were multiple brands of aphrodisiacs.

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Another Daft Doc with a Leak in His Brain Pain

Dr Mark A Gonsky

Dr Mark A Gonsky

In the state of Pennsylvania a physician admitted in court this week that he did indeed beat up one of his patients, and he did threaten to kill a police officer. He pleaded guilty to making Terroristic Threats.

Doctor Mark Gonsky, age 61 of the city of Mountain Top, seemed to have a penchant for serious mischief last year. His legal troubles started in February 2013, when he was arrested him for bullying business people while drunk. Afterwards he threatened to “put a bullet between a police officer’s eyes” and fired off a handgun in the yard of his Fairview Township home.

While out on bail in April, Gonsky was handcuffed and taken away again, this time for drunk driving on a state highway. And he was arrested yet again in December and jailed for not showing up to court for his first arrest.

It was about this time that Wright Township police learned that he had kicked a disabled patient in the back while drunk at his medical clinic earlier in the year. After the victim testified, medical maniac Gonsky confessed and was found guilty of Assault.

Gonsky MD was given a suspended sentence of 18 months in prison and was released, as according to the judge he had already spent 200 days in jail.

The Pennsylvania Board of Osteopathic Medicine has suspended Gonsky’s medical license:


  • Action Taken: Suspension
  • Summary: Mark A. Gonsky, D.O.; License # OS005105L; NATURE OF COMPLAINT: The Screening Committee of the Pennsylvania State Board of Osteopathic Medicine found probable cause on several counts that this osteopath presents a clear and immediate danger to the health and safety of the public. ACTION TAKEN: The Pennsylvania Board of Osteopathic Medicine temporarily suspended the osteopath’s license pending a hearing.

We’ll see how long that lasts.


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Morman MD Who ‘Drugged & Drowned His Wife’ Will Not Get a New Trial

The Doctor . . .

The Doctor . . .

In Salt Lake City Superior Court this week Judge Derek Pullan denied a defense motion for a new trial for Doctor Martin MacNeill, age 58. Attorneys for MacNeill had argued that the physician’s jail mates had lied during the trial, when they testified that he admitted to them privately that he had killed his wife.

The Wife . . .

The Wife . . .

In his ruling to deny a new trial, Judge Pullan stated that during last year’s trial, MacNeill’s lawyer, defense attorney Randy Spencer, had successfully convinced the jury that the cellmate with the most damaging testimony had not been believable anyway. And after the guilty verdict, the members of the jury agreed that during deliberations, they dismissed the testimony as not credible.

He Could Not Fool the Daughters . . .

He Could Not Fool the Daughters . . .

Prosecutors were able to prove that in 2007, the physician had given his wife Michele drugs after cosmetic surgery, which left her too sleepy to stay awake in the bathtub of their home. They discovered that he was planning a new life with his mistress, so he overdosed her throughout the night, and in the morning he drowned her.

The Mistress . . .

The Mistress . . .

The murder case shocked the city of Pleasant Grove, just south of Salt Lake City. The trial, which lasted three weeks, garnered national attention, in part because three adult daughters testified that they became convinced their father was guilty due to his continued bizarre behavior. In fact it was the daughters who pushed law enforcement to reopen the case. The defendant – who is both a lawyer and a doctor – has 8 children and was at one time a bishop in his Mormon congregation.

Here’s a pretty good video overview of the case:


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Once Upon a Time a Daffy Doc had a BB Gun . . .

"Okay . . . I did it."

“Okay . . . I did it.”

In the state of Indiana, a physician who told the court last year that he was “Not Guilty” of shooting his BB gun at another driver on the freeway, has changed his mind and admitted his guilt.

We suspect that was a wise choice, because had the case gone to trial, the jury would have seen a surprisingly clear video of the medical maniac doing just what he swore he didn’t do – all taken by the victim’s nifty cell phone camera.

Gotta love technology.

Doctor Perrin Dobyns, age 51, who lives in the town of Corydon, stood before Madison Circuit Court Judge Jean C. Logue and confessed this week. The wayward doctor received 3 years of supervised probation and will be sent directly to prison if he violates the terms of the decision.

Dr Perrin Dobyns

Dr Perrin Dobyns, health care professional

According to investigators the other driver, David Kollar, reported to police that the incident started when he noticed another car driving recklessly on Interstate 75 in September of last year. Kollar used his cell phone video to catch Dobyns pointing a pistol at him as they drove along side each other at high speed.

Kollar was not injured but Dobyns was arrested at his place of employment in Branchville Indiana. And when the state Medical Board learned of the incident they pulled the doctor’s medical license and fined him $500.

In a public statement the Board announced  Dobyns was “unfit to practice due to professional incompetence. He continues to engage in a pattern of conduct which demonstrates an inability to exercise reasonable care and diligence, as is normally exercised by practitioners in the same or similar circumstances.”

Research shows that Dobyns MD has had a history of alcohol and drug abuse for at least 15 years, when he first got into trouble in Oklahoma in 2001. As so often is the case, the doctor simply moved to and was relicensed in another state – in this case Indiana – and continued on his merry way.

Because in the USA, when you are a doctor and you get into trouble you cross state lines and start over – kind of like Bonnie and Clyde.

When the Indiana State Medical Board began hearing of his errant behavior, he moved to North Carolina, but lost his license there, too. In the Fall of 2009, the state of Indiana decided – beyond all logic – to relicense this idiot yet again. But the DEA, which licenses physicians to prescribe drugs, was not so goofy – they denied his license to prescribe narcotics because they had ample evidence that he was prescribing drugs to himself.

But the appallingly poor judgment by authorities continued, because in an appeal, an administrative law judge allowed Dobyns to be granted a DEA registration to prescribe narcotics again.

Anyway, Judge Jean Logue ordered that this repeat offender must have no other violations of the law; must resolve his current license suspension or he may not work as a doctor (what a concept); and he must submit to random drug testing.

We’ll see how well this character stays out of trouble. Wanna bet we won’t run another story on this degreed twit within . . . oh, say a year or two?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s another look at him:


*          *          *

Our Observations:

The crime of Wanton Endangerment in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred, is a Felony that carries a penalty of 1-5 years.  Of course this doctor was not sentenced to even 1 day in jail, because in this country, no profession commits more crime and evades more discipline, than physicians.

In the U.S. beyond all measure of sanity, we tolerate authorities to enable doctors to keep stepping into deep doo-doo time after time – injuring, maiming, stealing from and killing, the citizenry.

And so they do.

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Doctor Drug Dealers: an Unholy Matrimony




“Our evidence showed, for most patients, that Bhuthimethee did not operate a legitimate medical practice, but instead was engaged in a scheme to distribute controlled substances illegally, thereby defrauding health care benefit programs, namely, Illinois Medicaid, by running what was in essence a prescription service for drug addicts, commonly known as a ‘pill mill’.”

U. S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton


In East St. Louis an MD who pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges of healthcare fraud, has been sentenced to 1 year in prison.

Doctor Viwathna Bhuthimethe, age 68, had previously operated the Walk In Clinic, at 654 E. Broadway in the city of Alton.

According to U. S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton, Bhuthimethee was arrested on 15 charges, which included fraudulent billing of the Illinois State Medicaid program; and illegal drug sales of Xanax and Hydrocodone – specifically, he prescribed narcotics without legitimate medical reasons.

As an example, Bhuthimethee wrote prescriptions for 1,585 narcotic pain pills for two women in less than 18 months.

Witnesses testified that a long line of “patients”‘ cars would be waiting each morning, and on some days the line would stretch down the block.

The state medical board suspended Bhuthimethee’s medical license in the Fall of 2012, for “Violation of federal requirements for record-keeping and dispensing of controlled substances.”

This case was handled as a joint operation of the following agencies: Illinois State Police; Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau; Alton Police Department; the Department of Health and Human Services; the DEA; the FBI and the Illinois State Police.

*          *          *

Our Observations:

Drug dealer Bhuthimethee graduated from Chulalongkorn University / Faculty of Medicine in Bangkok Thailand in the early 1970’s. He then emigrated to the U.S. and was licensed by the state of Illinois in 1997.

Will this drug dealer and public tax money thief be deported after he is released from prison?

Of course not. The United States does not rid itself of criminal physicians.

We relicense them, and then hide their criminal past from their unsuspecting future patients.


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