Another Emigrant Doctor Headed for Trial? Yep. A Multiple Rape Case

Starting to sound like a broken record, are we?

Dr Jay Jungho Cho

Dr Jay Jungho Cho

In the greater-Harrisburg Pennsylvania area a doctor who operated clinics in Franklin and Cumberland Counties was bound over for trial this week on some pretty ugly charges.

Doctor Jay Cho, age 71, a resident of Hampden Township, was in Harrisburg Superior Court on Friday for a preliminary hearing, after which he was charged with multiple felonies of prescribing narcotics to more than 10 women patients for the purpose of manipulating their addictions in order to sexually assault them.

Cho was arrested in February for the following:

  • Patient Rape
  • Illegal Drug Delivery by a Medical Practitioner
  • Aggravated Indecent Assault

Investigators in Cumberland County believe Cho routinely dealt powerful narcotics – at least one of which was Oxycodone – to the women, in doses that far exceeded normal prescription range and for no legitimate reason.

Lady Liberty Embarrassed

The court record states the women told investigators they were afraid to reject Cho’s sexual behavior, because he told them he would refuse to continue to supply them with the drugs they were now addicted to.

The formal district attorney complaint states that Cho would meet with the women at his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinics in Chambersburg and in Hampden Township, at times when no staff members were present. He also routinely met the “patients” away from the clinic for no medical reason, in their homes; cars and motel rooms.

Cho’s medical license has been suspended by the Pennsylvania State Medical Board:


  • Other  (2/12/2015)
  • Action Taken: Interim Suspension
  • Summary: Dr. Jay Jungho Cho; License # MD035027Y & # MK001003; NATURE OF COMPLAINT: The physician’s continued practice within the Commonwealth may present an immediate and clear danger to the public health and safety. ACTION TAKEN: The Pennsylvania Board of Medicine temporarily suspended the physician’s licenses pending a hearing.
  • State: Pennsylvania

Cho’s case is scheduled to begin on June 25.

In the meantime, here’s more detail in this despicable subject:

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Our Observations:

Jay Jungho Cho MD is a prime example of what we in medicine call a Third World Assassin. This particular character is an emigrant from South Korea who attended Yonsei University in Seoul and graduated in 1968. He then came to the United States and learned – as so many foreign physicians do – that the American healthcare system is ripe for the pickings when it comes to cash and crime. There are fewer schemes in U.S. society easier to pull off than physician drug-dealing. One has to be ridiculously careless to get caught.

In a saner society, this medical misfit would be deported immediately after his prison sentence is over.

But the U.S. does not deport criminal doctors. We reward them with a follow-up medical license in another state.

Never, ever forget this:

A criminal physician’s “right” to continue to play doctor, is of considerably more importance to agencies of authority, than public safety.

So stay tuned. Churlish Cho will once again be playing with people’s bodies for money in . . . oh, we give it 3 years, give or take.

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24 New Jersey Doctors Found Guilty in Massive Medical Fraud Case


U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman - He's nailed a ton of bad doctors

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman – He’s nailed a ton of bad doctors

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced last week that 37 people – 24 of them physicians – have been convicted in a massive bribery scheme in New Jersey.

Dr Wayne Lajewski (right) in happier times

Dr Wayne Lajewski (right) in happier times

Two of the MDs found guilty were Doctor Wayne Lajewski, age 52, of Woodside Road, and Doctor Glenn Leslie, age 60 of Ramsey. Lajewski and Leslie each admitted taking bribery money on a monthly basis from a medical laboratory called Biodiagnostic Lab Services, also known as BLS, in Parsippany.

Lajewski admitted that he took $2,000 in monthly cash bribes for referring patient blood samples, for which BLS received more than $800,000.

Dr Glenn Leslie

Dr Glenn Leslie

Leslie admitted accepting $5,000 per month, for which BLS received $380,000.

BLS company president David Nicoll of Mountain Lakes had already admitted guilt in his role in the scheme in 2013, which included other BLS executives and employees. During the trial, federal prosecutors were able to prove that during the course of seven years that began in 2006, BLS routinely paid doctors for their referrals of patient blood samples. The scam resulted in more than $100,000,000 in illegal payments to the lab from private insurance companies and Medicare.

Doctor Wayne Lajewski was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison. Leslie was sent away for two years.

The case was heard by before Judge Stanley in U.S. District Court in Newark.

Here’s another view of this U.S. healthcare embarrassment:

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51 Doctors Convicted of Felonies This Week Alone. Here’s Just One

Dr Arturo Vargas

A city of Montebello California physician has been found guilty of Sexual Assault of two patients, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office today.

Doctor Arturo Vargas, age 44, who has been out on bail, had been arrested on 23 charges of molesting eight different female patients over a five-year span that started in 2007.

Vargas, who was arrested on January 2, 2012, was charged with multiple counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object; sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation by a physician.




Montebello detectives began investigating Vargas after a female patient he treated at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices, 1550 Town Center Drive in Montebello, reported being molested by him during a medical exam in July, 2011.

When word of Vargas’ arrest became public, seven other women came forward to report similar assaults by Vargas, according to Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Martha Carrillo.

Vargas, who was employed by Kaiser Permanente, was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Curtis Rappe to a five-year state prison term and must register as a sex offender.

*          *          *

Our Observations:

One of the more exasperating aspects of physician misbehavior is the shoulder-shrug posture in which the state medical boards handle – or, more accurately, refuse to handle – what the public needs to know.

Here’s a jaw-dropping example, in just this case alone. Evidence of this character’s predator tendencies has been known for more than 3 years. So what would potential patients see if they checked up on him on the California State Medical Board website? Take a look:

Which is curious, when these inane Board members have the unmitigated nerve to have this Mission Statement front & center on their website:

“The mission of the Medical Board of California is to protect health care consumers through the proper licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons . . . .”

Riiiiiiiight. That’s their “mission.”

The reality is, NO profession in America commits more crime; steals more money; injures and kills more citizens; and the subsequently evades more appropriate discipline, than physicians.

But for God sakes, watch out for the measles ghost.


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Another Day; Another Mid-Eastern Doctor Convicted of Sexual Assaults


“During the third appointment, the victim told police that Sabry told her he was going to give her a ‘special pressure point’ treatment he only gives to patients he trusts.”

Dr Fady Sabry

Dr Fady Sabry

In the city of Yakima Washington a physician arrested on multiple allegations of rape in 2013 was found guilty this week of sexually assaulting female patients during physical exams.

Doctor Fady Sabry, a 65-year-old Egyptian, had been out on a $1,000,000 bail after the charges set in Yakima County Superior Court.

Sabry had been employed for many years and working at Central Washington Internal Medicine Clinic, operated by Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center. He was suspended in 2013 pending the outcome of the case, according to hospital spokeswoman Debra Yergen.

According to the court record, a total of three victims contacted police with similar stories.

Makes us proud to be an American

Makes us proud to be an American

One of the patients – a former employee of the clinic – had three appointments with Sabry for back pain. It was during the third appointment, the victim told police, that Sabry told her he was going to give her a “special pressure point” treatment he only gives to patients he trusts.

Following his instructions and believing it was part of the treatment, the victim removed her underwear and Sabry manipulated her vaginally with his fingers.

Following the incident, the medical assistant said she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Sabry while at work in the clinic. Prosecutors said the victim also provided details of suspicious behavior by Sabry toward other patients.

Another former employee came forward and told police she had seen Sabry for neck pain in 2013. She reported that Sabry instructed her to take off her underwear. He then manipulated her inner thighs and touched her pelvic area while administering a “special treatment” that he asked her not to tell anyone about.

The woman said the same behavior occurred during a second appointment two weeks later. She told police this time that Sabry removed her bra and underwear himself.

The complaints, which were similar to those brought forth by the first patient, resulted in the first charge of second-degree rape against Sabry. Police believed Sabry assaulted the first woman in late August, 2013, during a pelvic exam, which he has admitted had no medical purpose.

In cooperation with police, the victim secretly recorded a follow-up appointment, during which she confronted Sabry about what had happened.

As was documented in court, Sabry was heard making numerous “incriminating admissions,” which confirmed the patient’s account and told her she should “forget the incident.”

In exchange for pleading guilty, the doctor’s charges were reduced to third degree Assault and “Sexual Liberties.” He is scheduled to be sentenced in May and must register as a Sexual predator in the State of Washington.

Here’s more:–224736092.html

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Indian Doctor Steals $9 Million from U.S. Taxpayers: Gets 1 Year in Jail


Dr Punyamurtula Kishore - in healthcare, the criminals hide in plain sight

Dr Punyamurtula Kishore – in healthcare, the criminals hide in plain sight

“This case exhibited blatant theft of state funds that were supposed to go toward care for some of our most vulnerable residents. This is fraud that undermines the integrity of our health care system.”

(State Attorney General Maura Healey)


In the town of Brookline Massachusetts yet another Indian physician has been found guilty of defrauding Medicaid of millions of taxpayer funds, according to State Attorney General Maura Healey this morning.

How well do you know YOUR doctor?

How well do you know YOUR doctor?

Doctor Punyamurtula Kishore, age 64, whose ongoing scam business Preventive Medicine Associates provided an excellent cover for a monstrous kickback scheme, changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court. He admitted to 19 counts of false Medicaid Claims; 8 counts of Medicaid Kickbacks and 11 other counts of grand theft.

Attorney General Healey said, “this doctor orchestrated a complex kickback scheme to funnel a lucrative drug screening business to his laboratories and then billed taxpayers millions of dollars for those services.”

As a result, Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders sentenced Kishore to 360 days in the jail and a 10-year suspended sentence. Kishore, age 63, was ordered to surrender his medical license and repay $9,300,000 in restitution.

Lab coat lunatic Kishore had owned and operated Preventive Medicine Associates, which managed about 30 laboratories in Massachusetts, including physician office labs. The prosecution was able to prove that Kishore used bribery to induce operators of alcohol and drug housing to refer their residents’ urine screening business to his laboratories for testing. Residents were typically screened three times per week.

By law, $100-$200 urine drug tests may legally be billed to MassHealth by a doctor if they are medically necessary. Kishore illegally obtained tens of thousands of drug screens paid for by MassHealth residents who were never qualified patients.

State regulations require that the services must be medically necessary and the provider must be physically present and actively involved in the treatment.

Here’s another look:

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Our Observations:

This particular Third World Assassin graduated from Andhra Medical College in India in 1974. He immigrated to the U.S. and learned from his colleagues that the American medical system is rife with opportunities for massive theft. Had he been even slightly less greedy, it is likely he never would have been caught.

After his time in jail, do you wonder if this brazen public enemy will be deported?

Absolutely not. the United States does not deport foreign-born criminal doctors. We reward them.

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Doctor Who Murdered His Wife Wants His Medical License Back

Dr Karl Long (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Photo by Bill Wade)

Dr Karl Long (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Photo by Bill Wade)

A Pittsburgh-area foot doctor who served 10 years in prison for suffocating his wife with a plastic bag, will not be reissued his medical license, according to a Pennsylvania State Appeals Court this week.

The court upheld the State Podiatry Board’s rejection of Doctor Karl Long’s petition to have his medical license reinstated. In a written statement, they report the former Ligonier physician has shown no remorse for his wife’s murder, and they see no evidence of rehabilitation.

The State Podiatry Board said the murder of Elaine Long was a crime of “moral turpitude” and disqualified him from working as a doctor.

Long, now age 56, was convicted of the 1999 suffocation death of his wife in a high-profile trial in 2003. Prosecutors were able to prove that he used a pillow and a plastic dry cleaning bag to suffocate his wife in the bedroom of their home because he wanted to end a combative marriage.

During the trial, Long testified that his wife pulled a knife on him and he suddenly fainted and fell on top of her. He said when he woke up later he discovered she had suffocated beneath him. A Westmoreland County Court jury found his story “not believable” and convicted him of third-degree murder. He was sentenced by Judge William J. Ober to 10 years in state prison, far less than the maximum of 40 years he might have gotten. He was released in the summer of 2012.

The wayward doctor now works as a brick mason in Cambria County Pennsylvania.

Here’s another look at this case:

*          *          *

 Our Observations:

The headline for a future story regarding this case will almost assuredly read, “Doctor Who Murdered His Wife Moves to Another State; Regains Medical License.”

Because we can promise you that is invariably what will happen. In the United States, we do not take doctor-murder cases all that seriously.

Now, had Karl Long been a realtor; a nurse; a truck driver; maybe a contractor. Had Karl Long been . . . oh, let’s say a driving school operator; maybe a teacher or a Paramedic. He would have lost his license for life.

Doctors, however, are held to the lowest level of professional discipline in society.

Do we see a glint of doubt in your eyes? If so, here’s a peek at one of 487 physician-murder cases we have in our files:

Dr visu Vilvarajah

“Just because I killed my wife and her mother doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be a doctor.”

So rest assured this man will regain his license in another state, and will be back playing with peoples’ feet for money, at some point in the future.

Stay tuned.

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