Doctor ‘Sneak-a-Snake’ Gets Court-ordered Slap on the Tushy for Stalking

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

Dr Mary Kay Brewster


In the wealthy area of Monterey California a physician has been sentenced on charges of terrorizing her estranged husband. Why? Well, because he was involved with another woman, another medical professional, at the hospital where she worked. And when it comes to infidelity, the halls of healthcare can be as off-the-chart goofy as anyplace else.

Doctor Mary Kay Brewster was sentenced in a Monterey County courtroom by Judge Mark Hood, to 5 months house confinement and three years felony probation.

Brewster, a 58-year-old gynecologist, was convicted of Felony Vandalism, Felony Stalking and Trespassing. Prosecutor Steven Somers  told the court that when the Brewsters’ marriage fell apart, the doctor started a pattern of stalking and harassing her husband and his new girlfriend. She would routinely text profane messages to him, and call his phone over and over throughout the night. A woman scorned, you know.

Dr Brewster Snake

Maybe the state medical board members should have a slinky bedroom surprise of their own . . . .

Brewster is well regarded at  Monterey Peninsula Community Hospital, even after her slinky surprise. Patients and staff can be curiously supportive in the face of other people’s reptilian behavior. As long as it isn’t directed at – you know – them.

The criminal investigation revealed that the doctor physically assaulted her ex; poisoned his plants and vandalized  the new girlfriend’s car, a nurse at Community Hospital.

It did not help her case when police found the doctor’s diary detailing her obsession. A search warrant  revealed the writings, with entry after entry showing her preoccupation and hatred of her stalking victims.

Brewster’s revenge culminated when she bought a four-foot-long python and a bagful of live rats at a nearby pet store. She then broke into her ex-husband’s home while he was away  and released the rats and snake in his bedroom. She even left some food for the rats. It was the new girlfriend who stumbled upon the surprises. Her screams were apparently heard a block away.

Now, will this out-of-control wing nut be allowed to continue treating patients in the state of California?

Of course she will. The State Medical Board is run by – and you may need to hold your ponies – other doctors. If you think a group of physicians is going to pull the license of another doctor over a snaky prank, vandalism, assault, harassment and just all-around garbage-level behavior  of trailer trash on steroids – you don’t know much about American medicine.

Quick – What’s the symbol on the staff of Aesculapius? You know, your doctor’s lapel pin.

Always remember this: The U.S. holds physicians to the lowest level of discipline, than any other profession.

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The Case of Doctor ‘Sneaky Snake’


How do you scare your ex? Well, here’s one way . . . .

 “When a woman teams up with a snake, a moral storm threatens somewhere.” – Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life


In the picturesque beach town of Monterey California a physician has been found guilty of Stalking in a goofy, teenage saga that involved a former husband and his girlfriend.

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

Some MDs are classy. Others? Not so much


Doctor Mary Kay Brewster, a 58-year-old Ob/Gyn specialist, was convicted on two charges of felony  Stalking; One charge  of felony Vandalism, and Trespassing.

According to the prosecution the stalking began after the doctor and her husband separated. What followed was physician Brewster sending harassing text messages; destroying property at her husband’s place of employment; repeatedly calling his cellphone; poisoning plants; vandalizing his car and physically assaulted him.

The court record also shows the wayward doctor, who lived in Salinas,  broke into the man’s home while he was away and released rats and a large python in the house. Brewster  also stalked her husband’s new girlfriend, a nurse.

Nurse witnesses testified that Doctor Brewster called the nurse a “skank” in front of patients, spattered bodily fluids on her in a surgical suite and created a hostile work environment. The doctor was caught on a security camera crawling under the victim’s  car at 4:30 in the morning.

This particular lab coat loon is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

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Our Observations:

Mary Kay Brewster MD graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 1993. We’re guessing her alma mater alumni association will think carefully before inviting her to speak at a future commencement ceremony.

On the other hand, in the Twilight Zone of medicine . . . maybe it won’t bother them in the least. After all, you can bet the house that the California State Medical Board won’t be even slightly perturbed that this twit sneaked a snake into somebody’s bedroom.

Never forget: No profession in society is held to a lower standard of discipline than the errant physician population. Here’s what you’d find on this medical muttonhead if you decided to search her California State Medical Board file:

Public Record:

Administrative Disciplinary Actions None found
Court Order None found
Misdemeanor Conviction None found
Probationary License None found
Felony Conviction None found
Malpractice Judgment None found
Hospital Disciplinary Action None found
License Issued with Public Letter of Reprimand (Non-Disciplinary) None found
Administrative Citation Issued None found
Administrative Action Taken by Other State or Federal Government None found
Arbitration Award None found


Predator Physician Escapes Proper Discipline – Again

“It all occurred after hours and it happened with her consent. She also reported that she performed sexual acts on Simon as a ‘thank you’ for the therapy.


Dr David Simon

Dr David Simon (photo: WPBF TV News)

In the city of Lake Worth Florida a physician got the satisfying opportunity last year to educate the rest of us on the wonders of his creative medical treatments. He could explain how he used chains and blindfolds, handcuffs and whips, to cure a nude adult woman of depression via ‘punishment therapy’.

Doctor David Simon has confessed to ongoing sexual-sadistic encounters with an unnamed 38-year-old patient at his clinic behind closed doors.

The woman reported to police that the frisky physician’s therapy included 12 sessions – one every 30 days – each consisting of her being bound and whipped,  performing sexual acts and being locked in a closet for hours at a time. Investigators learned that Simon routinely instructed the woman to strip off her clothes and then submit to handcuffs and whippings, to ease her long-term depression.

The woman testified that, “I didn’t like it, but I went along with the sessions anyway.”

The patient eventually decided what was happening had nothing to do with therapy and sued Simon, whose medical degree is in osteopathy, for malpractice. On the advice of his lawyer, he agreed to settle her lawsuit out of court. And the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine announced the case deserved an administrative hearing.

This was not Simon’s first brush with sexual piccadillos. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office verifies a previous patient, age 24, also complained about Simon five years ago. That particular woman reported that after a gynecological exam, Simon rubbed her back and the top of her buttocks and told her, “I think you need to be punished for being a bad girl. It seems you really need to be punished.”

“He’s deeply embarrassed.” Attorney David Spicer.

Police did not charge the lab coat horny toad with any crime in either case.

And the Florida Medical Board did what medical boards usually do: They slapped the daffy doc’s tushy and let him loose to continue his reindeer games on future patients.

Here’s more:

  • Sexual Abuse of or Sexual Misconduct with a Patient  (12/31/2014)
  • Action Taken: Probation
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: Florida


Ohio Doctor: “Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.” Not the Patient. The Doctor

In the city of Northwood yet another physician has had his medical license pulled after confessing that, why, yes indeed, he was routinely having sexual encounters behind closed doors of the clinic. Isn’t that what closed doors are for? Who told?

Dr Peter C Johnson - as clear a case of nominative determinism we've seen

Dr Peter C Johnson – as clear a case of nominative determinism we’ve seen

The Ohio State Medical Board announced in mid-September they had made the determination that the license of Doctor Peter C. Johnson, age 52,  should be suspended for at least 24 months.

That ought to teach him.

Johnson, who lives in Graytown, is an Ob/Gyn specialist whose clinic address was 500 Commerce Park in Northwood, a suburb of Toledo. The clinic is now closed, which is probably a bright idea.

According to the Medical Board’s report, the doctor admitted to sexual encounters with three different patients and his medical office assistant. Oh! Almost forgot. Also a doctor in medical training whom he supervised. Good of him to teach her what hands-on medicine is all about.

So lab-coat horny toad Johnson confessed to the Board that his sexual misbehavior continued even after he realized the Board was investigating him, “because I couldn’t help myself.”

Just the sort of guy you want undressing your family members.

The Medical Board reports that Johnson was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from “Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified,” and that his ability to practice medicine ethically is “impaired.”

We suspect the psychiatrist assessing Johnson went with that particular diagnosis since “Mr. Quickest Zipper in the Mid-west” is not yet a recognized deviancy in the psych bible, the DSM-5.

Maybe we’ll see it in future editions.

Anyway, the unnamed psychiatrist recommended that the doctor undergo intensive residential treatment for sexually compulsive behavior; participate in a followup program for sexual addiction. He agreed to weekly counseling sessions and must also agree to unscheduled polygraph testing.

Otherwise, priapistic Peter will be . . . you know . . . in trouble. Again. And then the University of Toledo Medical School will have to make the uncomfortable decision of inviting him to their alumni parties. Or not.

The wayward MD was ordered in July to begin the process of referring all of his patients to other, presumably less perverted, specialists.

And we think that’s just swell.

Here’s more:

For the record, Medical Miscreants holds files on just under 1,000 physicians found responsible for pretty much the same goofiness, over the last 30 years. Some things in ‘healthcare’ just never change very much.

(We thank contributor S.A. Native for pointing this case out to us)


Surgeon to Nurses: ‘Has Anybody Seen My Cell Phone?’

“There it is!”

In the city of Amman Jordan an Ob/Gyn is being blamed for somehow unknowingly dropping his cell phone into a woman’s surgically opened abdomen during a Caesarian operation last Spring.

That was bad enough.

According to Jordanian Gulf News reports, the patient – Ms. Hanan Abdul Karim, age 36 – was taken to a private hospital  for her delivery in April. During the surgery, which took about 35 minutes, the doctor performing the procedure managed to lose track of his personal mobile phone without knowing it was missing.

Oh, it gets worse.

A news media interview with the patient’s mother revealed that after her daughter gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby boy, she was released from the hospital. Two hours later the new mother began experiencing severe stomach pains and they realized her abdomen was actually vibrating.

The woman was then rushed to Al Bashir Public Hospital, where x-rays revealed a solid object of “non-human material” in her abdomen. Two surgeons then opened the poor woman’s sutures and discovered the missing telephone.

We could make this stuff up, but with all the physician-level shenanigans going on, why would we need to?

In keeping with Jordanian government policy, errant physicians are almost never identified, and this one’s name remains a mystery for now too.

Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Al Azrae reported to the media that the whole story was “fabricated,” but refused to explain why the doctor’s phone records show multiple calls were made to his personal number at the identical times the new mother and her family could feel intermittent vibrations beneath the woman’s suture line.

And then of course, there’s that pesky little matter of the x-ray . . . .

Here’s more, if you can stand it:


Our Observations:

Wouldn’t you just love to believe this couldn’t happen in the USA? But alas. You’ve visited this website more than once, so we’re guessing you already know better.

Admit it.

Anyway, look at the bright side: every now and then, Third World Assassins stay in the Third World, where they belong.


Historical Hysterics: The Strange Case of a Doctor Wing Ding

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

(Two years ago this week)

Here in the Twilight Zone of medicine the criminal lineup of daffy docs runs far and it runs deep. In fact, it runs clear off the chart – well over 50,000 since we started counting in 1985. But for flat-out, loony-tune behavior, few are any stranger than the case of a wing nut named Roy Chi Wing Lung.

And let us guess – you’re  thinking we made that name up?

Roy Chi Wing Lung MD, age 46, of Los Alamitos, California, finally admitted in court last summer that he routinely stole surgical items from Fountain Valley Hospital.  He confessed to sneaking into the hospital; putting on surgical scrubs and even wearing a wig to get past security, who were already on the lookout for him. He had, shall we say, a bit of a reputation.

Take a peak at the  background on this fruitcake:

>  1989 –  he earned a B.S. degree in Bioengineering at UCLA.

>  1993 – he graduated from the University of Texas Medical School.

>  2003 – California State Medical Board suspended his license after 2 of his patients died in an ER due to poor patient care.

>  2004 – He pleaded “no contest” to stealing two Long Beach Memorial’s computers and another doctor’s parking sticker. For that he served a whopping 4 days in jail; 200 hours of community service and repaid the hospital $5,000.

>  2007 – At Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, he tried passing himself off as a legitimate MD, wearing surgical scrubs and calling himself  “Dr. Lin.” A nurse testified that his pockets were “bulging” and he looked as though he had stolen medical supplies.

> 2008 – He returned to Orange Coast Memorial, again in scrubs. When a hospital administrator confronted him, Lung called himself “Doctor Ray Lin.” When police arrived he told them he would routinely sleep in the doctor quarters; eat meals, take showers, watch television, used telephones and fax machines.

For how long?

“10 years,” he answered.

Wing Ding isn't in here. But he should be, don't you think?

Wing Ding isn’t in here. But he should be, don’t you think?

> 2009 – Lung’s medical license was permanently revoked.

> 2010 –  He pleaded no contest to resisting a peace officer and obstructing a business, for the Orange Coast Memorial incident. He was given 3 years probation and ordered to do community service once again.

> 2013 – Lung had the nerve to return to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital wearing scrubs and a wig. He was immediately recognized by nurses; police were called and he was arrested.

On March 17 of this year, Lung pleaded guilty to a Felony Burglary and was sentenced to 2 years in state prison.

Here’s more:

(We thank investigative reporter Matt Coker for his terrific research)