Doctor Posed as Dead Patient for Two Years to Get Drugs. Cool!

“Yes, I treated patients when I was ‘high’ on drugs.” (Kent Swaine, surgeon)

Dr Kent Swaine

Dr Kent Swaine


A Las Vegas physician confessed in federal court last December that he was able to get prescription drugs by pretending to be one of his dead patients when he went to neighborhood pharmacies.

Doctor Kent Swaine, age 50, was therefore found guilty of the Felony of “obtaining controlled substances by fraud.” He was sentenced to 5 years probation and 150 hours of community service.

Swaine stepped into deep doo-doo when law enforcement learned he was writing prescriptions for himself under the name of Alexander Hyt, a patient who had conveniently died of cancer in August 2011. The daffy doc posed as the previous Mr. Hyt at drug stores, in order to keep the anti-depressants and painkillers coming, right up till his arrest in December, 2013.

Swaine operated a cosmetic and vascular surgery clinic located at 5380 South Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas, until his state medical license was finally suspended in January 2014. At the time, he tested positive for amphetamines, benzodiazepine and opiates.

Oh, that’s just terrific.

On the day of his sentencing in Nevada U.S. District Court, Judge Richard Boulware ordered Swaine to write a letter of apology to the Hyt family, and then said this:

“Your addiction placed other people at risk,”

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Crane Pomerantz.

Here’s another look:

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Bank-Robbing Doctor Headed to Federal Prison

Dr Damian Newhart Robbing Bank of the West, Huntington Beach California

Dr Damian Newhart Robbing Bank of the West, Huntington Beach California

Yet another disgraced doctor is now getting a legal kick in the pants over some pretty bizarre shenanigans – namely, robbing banks. Now, we could make this stuff up, but with all the garbage behavior by so-called healthcare providers among us – why would we have to?

Doctor Damian Loren Newhart, age 41, is an Orange County California dentist whose medical license to treat patients was revoked last July. He had been running the tired, drug-prescriptions-for-cash scam, you see. And when the Dental Board of California learned that he was routinely prescribing Valium, Vicodin, hydrocodone, Norco, diazepam and Viagra to people with no medical need – which he did for at least three years – they pulled his license. Newhart had been operating a Laguna Niguel orthodontic clinic up till then.

So what’s a befuddled doc to do? He had to earn a living. So why not a seven-bank crime spree that started in November 2014 and ending with his capture in January. According to the FBI, Newhart got away with just over $20,000 for his efforts.

In federal court, Newhart pleaded guilty to three bank robberies and confessed to four others, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Kendall: U.S. Bank; OneWest Bank; Bank of the West, followed by Citibank branches in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Nicknamed the “Rolled Sleeves Bandit” by the FBI, Newhart will spend the next five years in a federal prison,

Here’s another view of this daffy doc’s case:

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Our Observations:

Quick quiz: Let’s play a game. Find us ONE other serial bank robber in U.S. history who got a 5-year prison sentence.

Go ahead. We’ll send you a crisp $5 bill for the elucidation.

Because, well, that’s the kind of mood we happen to be in tonight.

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Arkansas Doc to Patients: ‘Peek-a-Boo! I See You!

Sometimes they look almost respectable

Sometimes they look almost respectable

A Jonesboro-area gynecologist has been sent to state prison for 3 years for secretly filming his nude female patients in medical exam rooms.

Doctor Paul Becton, age 69, chose to change his “not guilty” plea to  “guilty” in Greene County Circuit Court yesterday, to charges of video voyeurism, after which Circuit Judge Barbara Halsey sentenced him to 36 months in jail, to be served at the Arkansas Department of Corrections. The doctor was also ordered  to register as a sex offender and fulfill obligations under the Sex Offender Registration Act.

State investigators testified they discovered many images of naked women on the doctor’s cellphone that appeared to have been taken in a medical office. Becton faced five counts of video voyeurism. He was arrested at a Newport motel and released after posting $500,000 bail and surrendering his passport.

Never ignore the 'creep-factor'

Never ignore the ‘creep-factor’

District Attorney Scott Ellington of the Second Judicial District, stated that each of the doctor’s victims agreed to Becton’s brief prison term in order to avoid testifying their experiences in open court.

Dr Paul Becton

Dr Paul Becton having a very bad day

“This doctor will never practice medicine again. He will be under law enforcement supervision as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life,” Ellington said.

Becton was found responsible for taking nude photos of patients without their knowledge, one of whom was 14 years old. He had provided obstetrics and gynecological services in Arkansas for three decades prior to his arrest last April, operating The Becton Women’s Clinic, located at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould.

Here’s another take on the case:

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Our Observations:

“This doctor will never practice medicine again.”

An open note to D.A. Scott Ellington:

Wanna bet?

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Reader Ron Slade Sr. commented:

“I well remember when doctors walked the hall of our hospital like so many SS agents. Arrogant and condescending, all they lacked was a riding crop, monocle and totenkopf insignia. Quick to criticise others. They felt themselves above reproach.

A money driven health care system produces these kinds of people, and only fools or cowards defer to them.”

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Would a Drugged-out Doctor Kleptomaniac Get to Keep a Medical License? But of Course!

Dr Lisa N. Freedman

Dr Lisa N. Freedman

In the Syracuse New York area the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct has finally gotten around to disciplining a physician who police believe has been repeatedly committing petty theft over the last 25  years. Investigators suspect the doctor has stolen from at least four different stores.

According to a law enforcement press release, Doctor Lisa N. Freedman, an OB/Gyn specialist in East Syracuse, has been fined $5,000 for professional misconduct – but not because she appears to be a one-woman crime spree whenever she visits a store. It’s because the Board learned she was prescribing drugs for other people and then popping the pills herself.

The State Board reports that Freedman, age 53, wrote scam prescriptions for family members over a four-year span beginning in September 2009.  She also violated the law by not maintaining medical records on these so-called “patients.” She has been found negligent on more than one occasion and fraudulently practicing medicine.

In an entirely separate criminal case, Freedman will be in court in March to answer to a charge of theft in the city of Dewitt. According to the Dewitt Police Department, this manic MD was caught stealing from Wegman’s supermarket last June. She was arrested at the store by DeWitt police after she was witnessed stealing lipstick, magazines, soap, cosmetics, spices and candy worth several hundred dollars.

Records indicate this latest incident is the eighth time since 1990 Freedman has been charged with stealing from stores in the Syracuse area, Previous incidents happened at Walmart; the Towne Center Mall in Manlius; and yet another Wegmans in the city of Liverpool.

Michael Ringwood, Freedman’s attorney, states the doctor has been charged with petty theft more than once but was never convicted.

Under New York State law, a medically unrelated criminal conviction can result in a charge of professional misconduct. But an arrest alone is not considered misconduct.

As part of her official sanctions, the following penalties have been determined:

  • The doctor may not prescribe narcotics to herself or family members
  • She may not drink alcohol
  • She is subject to unannounced drug and alcohol tests
  • She must actively be involved in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • She may not treat patients unless she is supervised by a sobriety monitor and a therapist

Here’s another view of this lab coat lunatic:

Calling Doctor Fire-starter: Your Jail Cell is Waiting

Dr Leopold Weinstein

Dr Leopold Weinstein

A Southern California dentist was arrested last week on three charges of Arson. Apparently he figured the best way to get more business was to burn down the competition.

According to the Sheriff’s Department in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, Doctor Leopold Weinstein, age 63, was taken into custody on suspicion of setting multiple fires at dental offices in the city of Camarillo. The offices were owned and operated by other dentists.

Investigators state the case began last June, when suspicious flammable chemicals were discovered on the roof of a dental clinic. Within two weeks another dentist’s office was set on fire. When the daffy doc actually returned to the scene of the first crime, he was caught on camera setting fire to the building.


According to Arson Investigator Michael Rompal, Weinstein became the primary suspect when police learned that his car was seen near one of the offices at an unusual time. An unnamed witness used his cell phone to snap a picture of the license plate and sent it to police. That vehicle was identical to those identified at the other arson locations.

Weinstein now sits in Ventura County Jail, awaiting his court date next week.

Until his arrest Weinstein operated Spanish Hills Dental Group in Camarillo.

Here’s more on this lab coat lunatic:


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Our Observation:

According to his rather polished website, this nutcase supports numerous community programs, including the Ventura County Firefighters’ Association.

We can’t think of a better way to support firefighters than to sneak around town at night setting fires.

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Doctor Bites Security Guard at Beach Resort. Yeah, He Really Did.

Dr Robert Lewis Pugh

Dr Robert Lewis Pugh

In South Carolina an MD was jailed this week and charged with Assault at the Sand Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Doctor Robert L. Pugh was taken away after attacking a security guard at the resort, Myrtle Beach police say. The security officer reported that he was called to the hotel bar where Pugh was acting loud and aggressive.  And when he tried to detain him at the elevator the intoxicated doctor became combative.

After his arrest at the police station, Pugh admitted that he bit the security guard while he was being handcuffed. He said the guard touched his “private parts.”

When Pugh, age 53, isn’t acting like a third-grader in a sandbox, he works as a specialist at Palmetto Internal Medicine in the town of Murrells Inlet. He was transported to the Myrtle Beach city jail.

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Our Observation:

This Daffy doc is a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine.

Stay classy, Pugh. Don’t let your last name stink up your attitude.

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