Surgeon to Nurses: ‘Has Anybody Seen My Cell Phone?’

“There it is!”

In the city of Amman Jordan an Ob/Gyn is being blamed for somehow unknowingly dropping his cell phone into a woman’s surgically opened abdomen during a Caesarian operation last Spring.

That was bad enough.

According to Jordanian Gulf News reports, the patient – Ms. Hanan Abdul Karim, age 36 – was taken to a private hospital  for her delivery in April. During the surgery, which took about 35 minutes, the doctor performing the procedure managed to lose track of his personal mobile phone without knowing it was missing.

Oh, it gets worse.

A news media interview with the patient’s mother revealed that after her daughter gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby boy, she was released from the hospital. Two hours later the new mother began experiencing severe stomach pains and they realized her abdomen was actually vibrating.

The woman was then rushed to Al Bashir Public Hospital, where x-rays revealed a solid object of “non-human material” in her abdomen. Two surgeons then opened the poor woman’s sutures and discovered the missing telephone.

We could make this stuff up, but with all the physician-level shenanigans going on, why would we need to?

In keeping with Jordanian government policy, errant physicians are almost never identified, and this one’s name remains a mystery for now too.

Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Al Azrae reported to the media that the whole story was “fabricated,” but refused to explain why the doctor’s phone records show multiple calls were made to his personal number at the identical times the new mother and her family could feel intermittent vibrations beneath the woman’s suture line.

And then of course, there’s that pesky little matter of the x-ray . . . .

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Our Observations:

Wouldn’t you just love to believe this couldn’t happen in the USA? But alas. You’ve visited this website more than once, so we’re guessing you already know better.

Admit it.

Anyway, look at the bright side: every now and then, Third World Assassins stay in the Third World, where they belong.


Historical Hysterics: The Strange Case of a Doctor Wing Ding

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

(Two years ago this week)

Here in the Twilight Zone of medicine the criminal lineup of daffy docs runs far and it runs deep. In fact, it runs clear off the chart – well over 50,000 since we started counting in 1985. But for flat-out, loony-tune behavior, few are any stranger than the case of a wing nut named Roy Chi Wing Lung.

And let us guess – you’re  thinking we made that name up?

Roy Chi Wing Lung MD, age 46, of Los Alamitos, California, finally admitted in court last summer that he routinely stole surgical items from Fountain Valley Hospital.  He confessed to sneaking into the hospital; putting on surgical scrubs and even wearing a wig to get past security, who were already on the lookout for him. He had, shall we say, a bit of a reputation.

Take a peak at the  background on this fruitcake:

>  1989 –  he earned a B.S. degree in Bioengineering at UCLA.

>  1993 – he graduated from the University of Texas Medical School.

>  2003 – California State Medical Board suspended his license after 2 of his patients died in an ER due to poor patient care.

>  2004 – He pleaded “no contest” to stealing two Long Beach Memorial’s computers and another doctor’s parking sticker. For that he served a whopping 4 days in jail; 200 hours of community service and repaid the hospital $5,000.

>  2007 – At Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, he tried passing himself off as a legitimate MD, wearing surgical scrubs and calling himself  “Dr. Lin.” A nurse testified that his pockets were “bulging” and he looked as though he had stolen medical supplies.

> 2008 – He returned to Orange Coast Memorial, again in scrubs. When a hospital administrator confronted him, Lung called himself “Doctor Ray Lin.” When police arrived he told them he would routinely sleep in the doctor quarters; eat meals, take showers, watch television, used telephones and fax machines.

For how long?

“10 years,” he answered.

Wing Ding isn't in here. But he should be, don't you think?

Wing Ding isn’t in here. But he should be, don’t you think?

> 2009 – Lung’s medical license was permanently revoked.

> 2010 –  He pleaded no contest to resisting a peace officer and obstructing a business, for the Orange Coast Memorial incident. He was given 3 years probation and ordered to do community service once again.

> 2013 – Lung had the nerve to return to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital wearing scrubs and a wig. He was immediately recognized by nurses; police were called and he was arrested.

On March 17 of this year, Lung pleaded guilty to a Felony Burglary and was sentenced to 2 years in state prison.

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(We thank investigative reporter Matt Coker for his terrific research)

Florida Neighborhood Wants Former Doctor Sex Offender ‘Out of Town’

On July 12, 2006, a former Lakeland anesthesiologist was found guilt of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison. He is now released, but is no longer licensed to practice medicine.


Dr David j Levitats

Dr David j Levitats

In Orange County Florida a registered sex offender physician is suing the city of Orlando, which is ordering him to move out of the neighborhood known as Lake Nona, after they just moved in.

Doctor David J. Levitats, who once worked at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, is now on probation following his conviction of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old. He recently purchased what is reported to be a half-million dollar home which – according to court records – is “too close’ to local parks where children play.

Levitats, age 50, his wife and another man who is also a convicted sex offender, have told local news media that they were given permission by the state of Florida Department of Corrections to live in the Lake Nona neighborhood. Now the city of Orlando is telling them they cannot. The Orlando Police Department confirms that – according to existing housing criteria – the Leviatat’s are indeed in violation of city ordinance.

Medical Miscreants examined a Google Maps view of the neighborhood, which confirms the existence of two small parks near the home. But a little research shows also that – according to state law – registered sex offenders are not legally banned from living near parks. They are restricted when it comes to schools and playgrounds.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections verified in a phone interview that Levitats was told by them that he could purchase the house.

The young teenage girl involved was not a patient of Levitat’s, but the daughter of close family friends. She was often invited for “sleep-overs” with Levitat’s daughter, which is how the relationship began.

Here’s another look at the background case:


Drug Pushing Physician in Ohio Will Continue Life in Prison

“Drug addicts are not necessarily vulnerable victims. But many of Volkman’s patients had serious psychiatric problems, and prior suicide attempts, qualifying them for vulnerable-victim status.” (Judge Berniece Donald)


What planet does YOUR doctor come from?

What planet does YOUR doctor come from?

It took a little less than two years for Doctor Paul Volkman to kill 12 of his patients. We’re pleased to do the simple math for you: this madcap medicine man managed to end somebody’s life at least once every 60 days. He committed this torrid spree of homicide at a “no insurance, just cash” drug dealing business so inappropriately called the Tri-State Health Clinic, located in the small town of Portsmouth, Ohio. That was where he would routinely prescribe cartel volumes of narcotics to as many as 110 patients a week.

Volkman had applied for the position of clinic MD at Tri-State because he had a habit of stepping into deep legal doo-doo and no longer qualified for malpractice insurance. Not long after he arrived, the local drug stores started refusing to honor his prescriptions because it was clear to pharmacists he was improperly dosing patients. No problem for drug-dealer Volkman – as a trained pharmacist as well as a physician, he simply opened a drug store inside the clinic and presto! It was like Bowling for Dollars.

Dr Paul H Volkman

Dr Paul H Volkman

After federal DEA agents raided the clinic, the county grand jury indicted the doctor along with several others involved on a litany of felonies, including illegal drug distribution causing death. As an example, detectives found that Volkman had issued a 600+ pill prescription to one drug-addicted patient for Soma, Lortab, Xanax and oxycodone. Four of the patients whose deaths were tied to Volkman died within two days of leaving the clinic with a new prescription.

An Ohio jury convicted Volkman on four similar charges, and he was sentenced to four consecutive life terms. A three-judge panel in Cincinnati, which upheld the doctor’s sentence, released this statement:

“There is sufficient evidence to show that this man was hardly the blissfully-ignorant doctor he now makes himself out to be. A rational trier of fact can easily conclude that the entire enterprise of dispensing pills straight from the clinic was Volkman’s brainchild. That same trier of fact can determine it was highly unlikely that Volkman – a man who prided himself on knowing the inner workings of his clinic – was unaware of the clinic’s drug profits.”

The 6th Circuit panel agreed to review Volkman’s case, but reaffirmed his conviction last week, ruling that a reasonable jury could have found that Volkman’s prescriptions of oxycodone to patients had no legitimate medical purpose, and were the cause of each of their deaths.

Here’s another look at this case:


What’s the Punishment for a Surgeon’s Illegal Drug-induced Orgies? Why, ‘Probation’ of Course

“I have zero sympathy for the battle that Dr. Martin has been through as related to being charged with these crimes. He should have conducted himself as a doctor who has taken oath to do no harm. I find the circumstances here beyond troubling.” (U.S. District Judge Kathleen Delaney)

Dr Andrew S Martin

Dr Andrew S Martin


In the city of Las Vegas Doctor Andrew Scott Martin has received a “no jail, 5-year probation” sentence in a case that – in the words of U.S. District Judge Kathleen Delaney – “is appalling for the court to hear.”

Scott, age 48, is an orthopedic surgeon who confessed last March to three felony charges of Possession of Controlled Substances. He was arrested on 10 drug charges, including three counts of Controlled Substance Trafficking. In a surprise move, the prosecution agreed to an extremely light sentence in which Martin would serve no time in prison. He was ordered to perform 40 hours of community service.

Those who attended his drug-fueled sex parties over the years referred to him as “Scotty,” and Scotty found himself indicted last February along with his wife, Jennifer Martin. A half-dozen others were also arrested for their roles in the kinky gatherings.

“Eyes Wide Shut”

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Investigators reported that they had learned years ago that the freaky physician was routinely hosting themed sex parties that drew many dozens of costumed adults to imbibe in intercourse and a wide variety of drugs, including cocaine and pills, all provided by the doctor. In 2013, law enforcement sent a male and female undercover couple to infiltrate the parties. The theme of one party was “Eyes Wide Shut,” after the edgy Tom Cruise film, where his character is a doctor who engages in a dangerous exploration of a secret sex club. Like the movie, partygoers were expected to wear masks and fashionably nude costumes.

Martin’s wife confessed earlier this summer to one count  of Illegal Drug Possession and paid a small fine.

This doctor’s medical license was suspended for 60 days but he’s back undressing people for money once again, so no worries.

That is, unless he’s undressing someone you happen to care about.

Here’s more:

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The Case of the Double-dipping Dimwit . . .


Here’s a case that was taking place in Oregon exactly 10 years ago . . . .

In the city of Gresham a physician who had sex with a patient on multiple visits and then dutifully charged the state $5000 for his special “treatments,” has been jailed for 30 days and embarrassed by the local TV news.

Doctor Randall J. Smith, age 50 at the time of his arrest, had medically counseled an unnamed adult patient that massaging her vaginal “trigger points” would ease her lower back pain, and who was she to debate treatment modalities with a doctor, for heaven’s sake?  This would involve sexual intercourse, he explained patiently. But thank goodness we have physicians in this world willing to take on serious sacrifices for their citizens in need.

All in the wacky world of medicine

All in the wacky world of medicine

Smith, who holds a doctorate in osteopathy, would then direct his office staff to methodically bill the Oregon Health Plan for these 45-minute, wonders-of-nature encounters, all of which were performed at the Adventist Health Medical Clinic.

I know you can't resist

I know you can’t resist

And if they had just left him alone all would have been peachy. It was, after all, a win-win formula. The doc got happy and the doc got paid and the patient thought it was cool enough to tell other people all about her special treatments. What could possibly go wrong?

Alas, upon learning of these therapeutic passion-sessions, the state insurance provider, Oregon Health Plan,  became considerably less affectionate than was Doctor Randall Smith himself.  In fact they raised hell.

Anyway, after his 30-day jail time for insurance theft, Smith was sentenced to perform 200 hours of community service. (no word if he had any say in what kind of service) He was ordered to pay the whopping sum of $1,105 in fines. He was put on probation for 18 months and had his medical license revoked by the state.

Although he pleaded guilty to submitting false health care claims, which happens to be a felony, Smith maintained that sex with the 47-year-old woman was consensual.

We suspect it probably was consensual, because when typical, medicine-worshipping patients find themselves in a closed room with a doctor, they tend to go along with just about anything – up to and including the preposterous. There does in fact exist – after all – an unwritten, immutable law of the cosmos:

When in the presence of a lab coat – for God sakes, stop thinking.

So now you know, and here’s a look at what happened when this particular stethoscope stud crossed state lines to start over, which is what the typical doctor in deep doo-doo does:

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