Two More Doctor Drug Dealers Sit Behind Bars. What the Hell Else is New?

Dr Leonard Stampler

Dr Leonard Stambler

Dr Stan Li

Dr Stan Li

In the state of New York two more wayward physicians have been found guilty of narcotic drug distribution. One particular clinical cretin was sentenced this week to 10 years in federal prison for illegally prescribing oxycodone.

Doctor Leonard Stambler, age 63 of Baldwin Harbor, faced U.S. District Judge Joseph Bianco long enough to get slapped with the maximum punishment under the existing sentencing guidelines.

Stambler MD was actually taken into custody in November 2011, as one of numerous criminals arrested during a Drug Enforcement Agency crackdown which included IRS agents and New York State Police.

The other medically degreed dim-wit is Doctor Stan Li, a 60-year-old charlatan from Queens who operated a drug-dealing front called Medical Pain Management in the city of Flushing. Li was found guilty of nearly 200 charges including manslaughter in the death of two overdosed “patients;” reckless endangerment of 6 other patients;  falsifying medical records and dozens of other narcotic-related crimes.

The DEA raids were the result of a law enforcement sweep to curb illegal onslaught of oxycodone sales. The bad-doctor dragnet escalated after a man named David Laffer killed four people in a Long Island pharmacy while stealing prescription drugs in June 2011. Laffer had been a regular customer of these two maniacs.

Here’s another view of these cases:

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Our Observations:

Drug dealer Li graduated from Guangzhou Medical University in China in 1985 and then emigrated to the U.S. Prior to his life of crime Li specialized in anesthesia. Like so many thousands of other foreign-born MDs, Li learned that plundering American healthcare loopholes was a quicker path to wealth than simply doing his job as a doctor.

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Another Doctor Drug-dealer Goes Down – Trust That Another Will Take His Place

Dr Drug Pill Head

America – the pill-poppingest people on the planet. And MDs know it.

Dr Eric Jacobson

Dr Eric Jacobson

In Great Neck New York, a physician who was arrested in 2012 for prescription drug-dealing changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” in May.

Doctor Eric Jacobson, age 51 of Huntington Long Island, was convicted in Central Islip Federal District Court on 19 counts of Illegal Narcotic Distribution out of his clinic. His medical office in Great Neck had been raided by Drug Enforcement agents on December 1, 2012 after two of his patients died.

Not long after that, even though his clinic was shut down and his license to prescribe narcotics was suspended, this clinical cretin continued writing bogus prescriptions. So upon his arrest, he could not have been too surprised when he was charged with 262 counts of violating laws relating to the distribution of the painkillers. Each count theoretically carried a sentence of up to 20 years.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Jacobson will serve 7-9 years in federal prison; forfeit $250,000 to the government, and serve three years of supervised release.

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Oklahoma MD Believed to Have Killed 9 “Patients” Arrested



Dr William Valuck

Dr William Valuck



In Oklahoma City a physician suspected of being responsible for the deaths of nine people now sits in Oklahoma County Jail without bail.

Doctor William Valuck, age 71, was arrested while in Texas when authorities ran his name though the computer and discovered he was wanted in Oklahoma on felony warrants for nine homicides and more than 50 counts of illegal distribution of narcotics.

According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, detectives have been investigating Valuck for more than a year because of the string of patient overdoses.

The agency reports that Valuck, a pain management specialist, has demonstrated a history of prescribing excessive volumes of narcotics without any medical examinations at all. In fact, the records show he likely doled out nearly 800 doses PER DAY, for years.

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Ohio Court of Appeals: Doctor’s Life Sentence ‘Will Not be Overturned’

Doctor Paul H Volkman

Doctor Paul H Volkman

A Cincinnati-area physician whose pain clinics were discovered to be fronts for widespread drug-dealing was told by the Sixth Circuit Court  of Appeals last week that his sentence to life in federal prison would not be overturned.

Doctor Paul H. Volkman, originally from Chicago, was found guilty in 2012 of 17 felony charges, most of which related to criminal narcotic distribution. At least four people are known to have died as a result of taking drugs that Volkman has “prescribed,” but investigators believe as many as 14 other deaths are also linked to the physician’s “pill mill” activity.

What 'health care' has become . . .

Sadly, what too much ‘health care’ has become

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Florida MD Who Faked His Death Has Been Found and Arrested

Dr Robert Ignasiak

Dr Robert Ignasiak alive & well

A Walton County physician who faked his own death while awaiting trial has been found and captured in the city of Coral Springs.

Doctor Robert Ignasiak, age 58, was taken into custody earlier this week by the Coral Springs Police Department, on a federal warrant for pre-trial release violation.

Ignasiak was found guilty in November, 2009, of 43 counts of narcotic distribution. He is believed responsible for at least two patient deaths.

He was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison, but the case was overturned on a technicality in May, 2012, and he was released.

Before his second trial began, the wayward doctor faked his own death and took off. He was reported missing to the Walton County Sheriff’s last November. Blood stains and a suicide note were found in his car.

Ignasiak is currently in the Broward County Jail awaiting extradition.

Here’s another view of this strange case:

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Medical Maniac Who Drugged Michael Jackson Could Be Released in Two Months


Murray in L.A. courtroom

Doctor Conrad Murray, now in jail for the Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson, could be free to walk the streets yet again as soon as late October.

You recall mad-man Murray, we’re sure. He is the one found guilty in November 2011 of administering lethal doses of the surgical drug Propofol to Jackson, in an outrageous collaboration between doctor and patient to help Jackson sleep.

The L.A. District Attorney’s prosecutors proved at trial that Murray caused the death of Jackson by enabling Jackson’s ongoing drug habit and grossly abusing his position as a physician. Court records show Murray was ordering Propofol by the gallon.

Murray was originally sentenced to a 4-year state prison term in California, but due to overcrowding, has served his time in county jail. He is expected to be released early based on California’s overcrowded jail system as well as his “good behavior” status.

Here’s a bit more on this poster child for doctor drug-running:

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West Hollywood MD Goes Down in Drug-dealing Case

Dr James W Eisenberg

Dr James W Eisenberg

A Los Angeles physician who scribbled out more than 1,000 illegal narcotic prescriptions has changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty.

Doctor James William Eisenberg, age 72,  admitted to a single count of narcotic distribution.

Federal investigators discovered that Eisenberg had routinely written hundreds of prescriptions for no reason other to gain wealth. He sold the drugs out of so-called clinics, such as Pacific Support Services in West Hollywood. He also issued “medical marijuana” recommendations, according to Drug Enforcement reports.

As far back as December 2011, Eisenberg was referred to by a federal judge as a “drug dealer” and had his prescription registration permit suspended. It was permanently revoked in July 2012.

Eisenberg, who lives in Venice, was named in a Drug Enforcement Administration indictment in May, charging him with four counts of using a revoked registration number and three counts of distribution of hydrocodone.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Barron, Eisenberg faces up a 30-month prison term at sentencing hearing in December.

Here’s more:

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Here is what a state medical board doctor sanction looks like:


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Long Island Physician Confesses to Doling Out Lethal Prescriptions for Profit

dr drug dealers art

In the town of Baldwin a doctor admitted in court last week that – contrary to what he had been saying for two years – he did indeed prescribe narcotics to addicts.

Dr William Conway

Dr William Conway

And two of them –  Christopher Basmas and Giovanni Manzella, died in 2011 within days after taking their oxycodone prescriptions.

Dr. William Conway changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” of Conspiracy and Narcotic Distribution.

Conway, age 70, was arrested last year as part of a widespread DEA probe of Long Island physicians pushing addictive drugs to amass wealth.

DEA agents discovered that Conway had issued more than 5,000 oxycodone prescriptions – more than 780,000 tablets – to hundreds of people with no medical need, in less than 3 years. There was very little in the way of medical records to indicate he even performed the mandated exams prior to their prescriptions.

Americans are drugging themselves into 250+ deaths everyday. And an astounding number of drug dealers are MDs

Americans are drugging themselves into 250+ deaths everyday. And an astounding number of drug dealers are MDs

According to a Federal press release the doctor’s office manager, Robert Hachemeister, had already admitted guilt for his part in the drug pushing scheme earlier this year. Prosecutors told the court that Hachemeister, who had no formal medical education, was responsible for distributing thousands of doses of narcotics by issuing prescriptions already -signed by Conway.

Conway could get 20 years in federal prison by Judge Leonard Wexler at his sentencing hearing.

Here’s more:

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ER Doc Was His Girlfriend’s Drug-dealer – Now He’s in Jail

In upstate New York a Niagara County physician has admitted in court that he prescribed narcotics out of the emergency room by fraud.

Dr Daniel Gillick


Doctor Daniel C. Gillick, age 63, concocted a drug-dealing plan that involved his girlfriend coming to the emergency room pretending to be a patient suffering from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia.

Gillick would then perform a fake exam, fraudulently diagnose the ‘patient’ as suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and generate a prescription for Dilauded, a narcotic.

Gillick’s girlfriend, Christina Guilfoyle, age 27, had no medical need for the controlled substance.

Gillick, who admitted defrauding Schuyler Hospital as well as providing his girlfriend  narcotics by fraud, was arrested with Guilfoyle in November 2012 following a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation. At the time, investigators discovered cocaine in Guilfoyle’s car, which she said she bought for Gillick.

Gillick, employed by Delphi Emergency Physicians Services, could get 10 years in prison.

Here’s another take on this case:

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What Exactly is a ‘Third World Assassin?’ Well, Here’s One More . . .

Poster child for 'Third World Assassins'

Poster child for ‘Third World Assassins’

In Eastern Tennessee an Indian physician and his wife have been arrested on a federal warrant because investigators discovered the pair routinely bought foreign, unapproved drugs and then administered them to unknowing cancer patients at their clinic.

Prosecutors state that Doctor Anindya Kumar Sen, age 64, and his wife, Patricia Posey Sen, who live in Greeneville, bought in excess of $3,000,000 in illegal pharmaceuticals.

Patricia Posey Sen functioned as the office manager

Patricia Posey Sen functioned as the office manager

The indictment alleges the Sens, through their business, the East Tennessee Cancer & Blood Center, dealt in misbranded drugs, illegally imported drugs and conspiracy.

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Tennessee revealed that illegal billings were submitted to Medicare, TennCare and other health payors, claiming that all drugs being administered to cancer patients were approved by the Federal Drug Administration, when exactly the opposite was true.

The trial for the couple is scheduled to begin in early September.

Here’s more:

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This Indian-born physician emigrated to the U.S. after graduating from Maulana Azad Medical College, at Delhi University in 1972. As so many thousands of other foreign doctors, Sen quickly learned that U.S. physician oversight is laughably weak. Had the doctor and his wife not gotten so greedy, they might never have been caught. Regardless that this physician put many patients at risk in order to enlarge his personal wealth, you can rest assured that he will receive the bare minimum punishment, and he will assuredly NEVER be deported.

The U.S. does not deport criminal doctors. We spank their wrists; quietly relicense them; allow them to treat patients again, and hide their crimes from the public.


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