California State Prison Psychiatrist to Join the Inmates

No doctors in this picture . . . yet

No doctors in this picture . . . yet

Former Salinas Valley State Prison psychiatrist faces a 3-year prison term for falsifying time cards.

Last March in Monterey County Superior Court a prison physician was convicted on Grand Theft charges – specifically, he was stealing money from the state prisoner insurance fund.

Doctor Pedro Eva, age 49, was in fact merely 1 of four criminal doctors who thought gaining a measure of wealth by robbing the state was a good idea. According to Prosecutor Doug Matheson, investigators secretly tracked the doctors’ hours by using GPS, cellphone records and rental car receipts. They quickly learned that some of the medical miscreants had over-billed the state by $200,000 in a 3-month period by claiming they were on prison grounds working when they were not.

Two of the lab coat loonies – Doctors Randy Sid and David Hoban – had already been found guilty.

Eva and the other low-life docs were falsifying bills for medical services rendered at Salinas Valley State Prison, which is located in Soledad, even when they were not there. They would routinely arrive a 7a.m. and leave after several hours – then bill the system for 10-hour days and $150-250 an hour.

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2 thoughts on “California State Prison Psychiatrist to Join the Inmates

  1. That link to Monterey Herald is out of date= 2009.
    From The Buzz, 07.17.14:
    GOOD: Pedro Eva, M.D., a former Salinas Valley State Prison psychiatrist convicted in February of grand theft and filing false claims for overbilling the state for his services, won a new trial July 10. Monterey Superior Court Judge Larry Hayes agreed with a motion filed by Eva’s new attorney, Gerry Schwartzbach, that the jury received improper instructions. Six members of that same jury sent Hayes a letter after the trial, saying they felt Eva was the “fall guy” in the overbilling conspiracy that started with Eva’s superior, prison chief of medical services Dr. Charles Lee, and included other prison doctors, too. “It seemed evident that Dr. Eva was a very good psychiatrist whose life has now been ruined,” the letter states. “This does not feel like justice.” The case has been going on since 2008; Eva faced three years in prison following his conviction.

    Mark Herbst MD & David Hoban MD are the only docs with license discipline or convictions that stuck.

  2. P Vigilante:
    Very good to know and thank you for the correction. We plan to rewrite this article soon.

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