Hospital Pays Out $200M. Why? Well, One of its MDs Liked to Film Naked Lady Parts, Just for Fun

Dr Nikita Levy

A freaky gynecologist’s secret use of tiny cameras to film his patients’ genitals has led to a $1,900,000 settlement with 8,000 female patients.

Doctor Nikita Levy was fired after 25 years with the Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore in February of last year, after a female co-worker alerted authorities about a pen-like camera he wore around his neck.

Levy committed suicide days later, after a federal investigation revealed thousands of images stored on his home computer.
The preliminary settlement approved by a court last week is one of the largest in U.S. history, involving sexual misconduct by a physician. It all but closes a case that never produced criminal charges but seriously threatened the reputation of one of the world’s leading medical centers.

According to authorities, thousands of women were traumatized, even though their faces were not visible in the images and it could not be established with certainty which patients were recorded or how many.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Howard Janet said 62 girls were among the victims, and that Levy violated hospital protocol by sending chaperones out of the exam room.

Johns Hopkins stated that insurance will cover the settlement, which “properly balances the concerns of thousands of plaintiffs with obligations of the medical center.”

“It is our hope that this settlement – and findings by law enforcement that images were not shared – helps those affected achieve a measure of closure,” the hospital statement said, adding that “one individual does not define Johns Hopkins.”

Approximately 8,000 women contacted the class-action lawsuit hotline.

Johns Hopkins’ attorney, Donald DeVries, said Levy “went rogue. The hospital had no inkling of what he was doing.”

Once alerted to the problem, hospital authorities notified Baltimore Police Department and ordered Levy off the property. Investigators said they found no evidence he shared the material with others.

Some women told of being inappropriately touched; that they were regularly called to Levy’s office for unnecessary pelvic exams.

Levy, age 54 at the time of his death, graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan. He began working at Johns Hopkins in 1988. When the allegations came to light, he was working at Hopkins East Baltimore Medical Center.

Hospital records indicate Levy treated well over 12,000 patients during his 25 years.

The doctor committed suicide by placing his head in a plastic trash bag. The bag was attached to a hose connected to a helium tank.

And so it goes.

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Why is Doctor Asher Black Rolling Over in his Grave?

Dr Asher Black

Dr Asher Black

By every measurable account, Doctor Asher Black of Syracuse New York was an honorable man. And we were saddened to learn he died two years ago, on March 14, 2012, at the age of 95. Before he retired and moved to the warmer climate of Boca Raton, Florida, Doctor Black treated thousands of patients at his small office on West Onondaga Street in Syracuse. Imagine a doctor 80 years old, still waking up every morning and actually looking forward to taking care of people.

We doubt this man possessed a greedy – or lazy – bone in his entire body. When he graduated from Syracuse University School of Medicine in 1937 he received the “Letter of Distinction.” He served throughout World War II in the Army Medical Corps and was discharged as a Major. For years he served as President of St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was the first known physician to use artificial heart resuscitation outside of a hospital. And he absolutely loved golf.

Dr. Black was a member of the Onondaga County Medical Society; a respected member of his Temple, and honorary chair of the Syracuse Jewish Federation. He was predeceased by his parents, Meyer and Rose Black.

So after a terrific life of successes and the respect and appreciation of thousands – a life that spanned just short of a full century - why on earth would this marvelous gentleman writhe in his coffin?

Well, it seems that Asher Black and his wife Lilly had two sons, both of whom became physicians themselves:

Dr Harry Black & wife Lisa

Dr Harry Black & wife Lisa

Doctor Harry Black, internal medicine, now age 74, was imprisoned 4 years in the state penitentiary, for Illegal Drug Distribution and falsification of patient medical records, in 2008.


Dr Harvey Black

Dr Harvey Black


And now his younger son – Doctor Harvey E. Black, age 60 – has been convicted of sexually assaulting his teenage babysitter.




Some folks like to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

These two did.

And they did it by staining a fine man’s legacy.

What a pity.

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Hospital Mistakes Are Now Our 3rd Leading Cause of Death

Medical errors leading to patient death are much higher than previously thought, and may be as high as 400,000 deaths a year, according to a new study in the Journal of Patient Safety.

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an excellent book

an excellent book


The most recent study proves the number of patients dying is considerably higher than those in the Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report, To Err is Human: Building A Safer Health System, which at the time, estimated 98,000 people a year die because of hospital mistakes. The detail for that report was based on medical record reviews from the year 1984. It did not include far more recent – and more accurate – studies.

The latest study reveals that preventable adverse events (PAEs) kill between 4,000 and 7,500 patients who seek care at a hospital, each week. This means that medical errors are the third leading cause of death - behind heart disease and cancer - according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics.

The latest findings are based on research conducted by John T. James, Ph.D., who oversees the advocacy group Patient Safety America. 

Doctor James wrote that he hopes these 400,000 patient deaths each year will generate an “outcry for overdue changes and increased vigilance, to address this unbelievable harm to patients who come to a hospital seeking only to be healed.”

For more information on this appalling situation:
- You can read the study
- Here is an excellent ProPublica article
- See the original 1999 IOM report
- Here are the CDC statistics
- Check out the Patient Safety America website

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Our Observations:

Of course, for all its societal value, the CDC itself stubbornly continues to propagate the lie that healthcare is inherently safe. Here is their most recent list of ‘Top 10 Causes of Death’:

CDC: America’s Top 10 Causes of Death

  • Heart disease: 597,689
  • Cancer: 574,743
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494
  • Diabetes: 69,071
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

It is absolutely abhorrent that the physician-managers who dominate the CDC continue to hide the obvious.

Keep this in mind: many of the perpetrators of this astounding volume of health care-caused deaths, are the same folks who demonstrate the unembarrassed gall to warn you about the ‘dangers’ of the flu.

Trust us: the flu does not kill 1,100 people a day. In the world of magic tricks, turning the public’s attention toward such ridiculous fears as the flu, is what magicians call “misdirection.”

Of course at a magic show the “misdirection” is generally a bellezeboobian in tights.

Same goal: different approach.

Have a terrific weekend.

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Freaky Foot Physician Admits to Secret Camera Shenanigans

Dr Brian Altman

Dr Brian Altman

A Richmond Indiana physician confessed in court earlier this month to the charge of Voyeurism, which occurred in the nursing staff restroom of his clinic.

Doctor Brian Altman, a 37-year-old podiatrist, admitted in Wayne County Superior court that he had positioned a hidden camera in a bathroom used by his female employees.

According to prosecutors, Altman fled the state of Indiana after being arrested and then released in December, 2012.

Altman was at the time of his arrest the owner/operator of the Altman Foot and Ankle Clinic in Richmond. He was captured in Texas and Indiana investigators traveled there and brought him back to face charges.

A warrant had been issued for his arrest after he failed to show up at a court hearing.

Trust me. I'm a doctor . . .

Trust me. I’m a doctor . . .

Court records show Altman’s secret was discovered when a woman on his staff noticed a red light glowing from beneath some supplies in the restroom. She moved a bag and discovered a video camera pointed directly at the toilet.

The curious staff members then did some more sleuthing, and found an icon on Altman’s computer screen which linked to the video camera. That is when they decided to call the Richmond Police Department.

In their search of the medical office, detectives confiscated the  clinic computers and the criminal case was filed.

Defense attorney Terry O’Maley stated at the time of his plea that the doctor hid the camera in his employees’ restroom because he was going through some tough times in his personal life.

Court documents indicate Doctor Brian Altman will file a “mercy plea” and be sentenced to between 6 months and 3 years. He also faces separate charges of stalking a former girlfriend.

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Coroner Off to Jail for Greedy Deeds


Drs Peter & Alison Galvan during happier times

Drs Peter & Alison Galvan during happier times

“If you don’t want to be caught between a hammer and the anvil . . . don’t steal.” Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell

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In the Louisiana parish of St. Tammany their former coroner has been convicted on charges of using the office of the dead for personal financial gain.

Doctor Peter R. Galvan, age 54, was sentenced to 24 months in prison and fined $5,000. The sentencing of Galvan, who resigned in October and pleaded guilty to a federal corruption charge, ends the tale of a soap-opera scandal that was the gossip of St. Tammany for more than a year. With an outraged citizenry and the parish government takeover of coroner’s office finances Galvan’s cavalier use of taxpayer money, along with his refusal to even discuss the spending, prompted the St. Tammany Parish Council to take the extraordinary step last March of formally asking him to step down.

The federal government charged Galvan in October, when investigators determined that the wayward physician was taking sick leave money in the amount of $111,376 which he was not entitled to. He is believed to have entered into illegal contracts with other agencies from which he profited by more than $300,000.

The doctor also bought a $9,000 generator for his boat; a GPS system and other items amounting to over $7,000 for his personal use - all with public money.

According to court documents, Galvan took advantage of coroner’s office credit card to buy meals and personal items for more than $15,000, all of which were unrelated to business.

Galvan joins 250,000 other physicians listed in the Nat'l Practitioner Data Bank

Galvan joins 250,000 other physicians listed in the Nat’l Practitioner Data Bank

“I apologize to the people of St. Tammany Parish who elected me,” Galvan told the court. “I betrayed their trust. I have ruined my career and reputation.”

Terry King, the whistle blower who exposed the wrongdoing in the coroner’s office and shared documents with investigators and the news media, said he was satisfied with the punishment.

Galvan, who is married to Doctor Alison Galvan, had been coroner since 2000. A wrongful termination lawsuit filed against him in 2010 by former coroner staff member Terry King, led to the release of public records by the coroner’s office that revealed lavish spending by the office and other questionable practices.

Here’s more:

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Our Observations:

This particular lab coat loon graduated from Louisiana State University at New Orleans in 1989.

He will not be attending his graduating class party this summer.

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Another Doctor Drug-dealer Goes Down – Trust That Another Will Take His Place

Dr Drug Pill Head

America – the pill-poppingest people on the planet. And MDs know it.

Dr Eric Jacobson

Dr Eric Jacobson

In Great Neck New York, a physician who was arrested in 2012 for prescription drug-dealing changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” in May.

Doctor Eric Jacobson, age 51 of Huntington Long Island, was convicted in Central Islip Federal District Court on 19 counts of Illegal Narcotic Distribution out of his clinic. His medical office in Great Neck had been raided by Drug Enforcement agents on December 1, 2012 after two of his patients died.

Not long after that, even though his clinic was shut down and his license to prescribe narcotics was suspended, this clinical cretin continued writing bogus prescriptions. So upon his arrest, he could not have been too surprised when he was charged with 262 counts of violating laws relating to the distribution of the painkillers. Each count theoretically carried a sentence of up to 20 years.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Jacobson will serve 7-9 years in federal prison; forfeit $250,000 to the government, and serve three years of supervised release.

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Lady Doc in a Love Triangle Smashes Her Rival’s Doggy Door

Dr Angela Siler-Fisher

Dr Angela Siler-Fisher

Dr Marcelle Mallery

Dr Marcelle Mallery


An apparent love triangle among three juvenile doctors in Houston deteriorated into what resembled reality TV at its lowest.

Dr Brandon W Fisher

Dr Brandon W Fisher

And now one of them -  Doctor Angela Siler-Fisher - has been convicted of criminal charges after police say she broke into the home of her romantic rival. She was arrested for criminal trespassing and harassment in December of last year and has decided to plead guilty to avoid a trial.

According to investigators, Siler-Fisher, age 42, smashed her way into the home of Doctor Marcelle Mallery, a coworker her husband was involved with. Police say she got into the home by kicking through the doggy door. Once inside, she wrote “whore” and “home-wrecker” with lipstick on the bathroom mirror. In an act of supreme maturity, she left a trail of condoms on the woman’s stairway.

The wayward MD was evidently too focused on revenge to notice the security camera watching her every move. Big mistake.

When Siler-Fisher isn’t busy breaking and entering and in general behaving like a teenage chimp on chocolate, she is the medical director at Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center. She also teaches at Baylor College of Medicine.

Just makes us so proud to be medical professionals.

Here’s a bit more: