Usually Drugs Kill the Patients: This Time They Killed the Doctor

“They got out of the ambulance and carried her. She had on pants, but no top or shoes. She was naked and wasn’t moving. Her eyes were closed. Her skin was really pale. It was scary.” (A witness told police)


Might this be a good reason NOT to attend a drug party?

Might this be a good reason NOT to attend a drug party?

In New York City a physician and mother of three children died last Saturday of what police believe was a drug overdose. Doctor Kiersten Cerveny, age 38, was found unconscious in the entranceway of an apartment building early Sunday morning after what appears to have been a night of heavy partying. Police say she was not physically assaulted and was not the victim of a robbery.

At this point in the investigation, this is how the case developed, according to New York police detectives:

About 6:30 Saturday evening the doctor went out to a hotel with a small group of friends. A few hours later they went to a bar on the Lower East Side, where alcohol and cocaine use went on at their corner table.

At about 2:00 a.m. Cerveny joined a 51-year-old television producer whom she was vaguely familiar with on social media. According to her friends, she left with the man at about 4:00 in a taxi.

At about 4:30 a security camera showed them arriving at the home of the taxi driver on West 16th Street.

At some point within the next 3 hours, the doctor lapsed into unconsciousness and was carried down the stairs by the taxi driver and the other man. They laid her on the floor of the apartment lobby.

At 8:30 a.m. an unknown caller contacted 911 to report “an unconscious woman lying on the floor” in the lobby of the apartment building. Detectives now believe the caller was the TV producer. The security camera video showed him and the taxi driver walking quickly away from the scene. Police say before they arrived an EMS team was on the scene and transported Kiersten Cerveny to Lenox Hill Hospital. An ER physician pronounced her dead within 15 minutes after she arrived.

There have been no arrests.

Cerveny, who lived on Long Island, was a well-respected dermatologist and the wife of another physician. She was a graduate of Tulane University Medical School and was affiliated with Brooklyn Hospital.

Here’s another view of the regrettable case:


Doctor Drug-pushers: They Never Learn; They Never Stop

Dr Lawrence Wean

Dr Lawrence Wean

In the tiny town of Media Pennsylvania yet another MD has chosen to disgrace his profession – this one by committing more than 100 felonies. His crimes were among the most common to be found within the medical profession: Illegal Narcotic Prescriptions and Insurance Fraud.

Doctor Lawrence Wean, age 61, was handcuffed and taken into police custody last December after undercover detectives posed as new patients and were issued painkiller prescriptions with no true signs or symptoms of medical need. Wean’s clinic, located on the Baltimore Pike, about 12 miles west of Philadelphia, was immediately locked down.

During the trial investigators testified that they entered the clinic on multiple dates with no appointments; that they underwent no routine medical histories or physical exams; that they were simply given prescriptions for Oxycodone, Percocet and Xanax. One detective told the court he would pay $200 cash for each visit. Another reported that he used his Blue Cross insurance card – the bills for which listed treatments that were never performed.

Prosecutor Sharon McKenna was able to show the jury that Wean’s medical files had very little – and in many cases, no – patient information or treatment notes.

Wean’s clinical staff testified that the doctor ignored their warnings that many of the so-called “patients” were known in town as drug dealers. They said hundreds of people would simply walk in off the street and walk out with drug prescriptions with no demonstrated medical need.

Judge Anthony Scanlon revoked Wean’s bail after the guilty verdict was read.

Doctor Lawrence Wean’s sentencing is scheduled for December 2.

Here’s another view of the case:




Daffy Doctors and Lab Coat Lunatics: Our Readers Write

In no particular order at all, here is a smattering of Reader Responses over the past year:


“Thanks for these fantastic articles. Where else could anyone get this kind of information?”



“One of our cardiologists who was God in a lab coat, asked a nurse to accompany him to the patient’s bedside. He gave the chart to the nurse, then began asking questions about lab values, etc. This went on for some time, finally the physician rose from his chair and made a perfunctory thank you in the patient’s direction.
Problem: The bed was empty. There was no patient in that room.”

“I well remember when doctors walked the hall of our hospital like so many SS agents. Arrogant and condescending, all they lacked was a riding crop, monocle and totenkopf insignia. Quick to criticise others. They felt themselves above reproach. A money driven health care system produces these kinds of people, and only fools or cowards defer to them.”

“Our society is sick enough without the addition of more dirt-bags. I have met very few physicians I would have as a friend.”

Ron Slade Sr.


“Simply want to say your articles are astonishing. Thanks a million and please keep on letting everybody know about the weirdness in medicine.”



“This post needs to be removed immediately! If this post is not removed, further action will be taken. You do not have legal rights to post this information.”

Justin, Attorney at Law

(Note: This poor legal fellow must have confused us with people who fear feckless lawsuits)


“We had a saying in medical school. The top third of the class make the worst docs, the middle third the best, and the bottom third the richest.”

Russ Duke


 “It’s pretty clear by now that most state medical boards exist to protect doctors, not the general public.”

“Still no idea why there is not more public outrage when doctors like Dr. Nadpara sexually abuse women. You’d think women’s groups would be all over it.”

”30 days in jail for a felony is hard time for a doctor! Many doctors convicted in sex-related matters face no jail time at all. Why do you suppose doctors are held to such a low standard and why is there so little outrage at their ‘predatory’ (as Oregon put it) behavior?”

“Every woman that I have been close to has had one or more experiences of male doctors crossing the line in some way or another.”

“It bears repeating: the number one place for a woman to encounter a sexual predator is her doctor’s office.”

“I have always been outraged at how the fact that Major Nidal Hasan was a PSYCHIATRIST has been totally ignored by the media. Whenever there is a mass killing, the media laments that not enough money is going to fund Mental Health care [i.e. psychiatrists]. I wonder how many homicidal patients Dr. Hasan “counseled” before wiping out 13 lives all by himself? Who is counseling the wacko psychiatrists?”



“Convicted of a sex crime and ‘will never practice medicine again.’ What a naive comment from the D.A! Perhaps in this case, because the doctor is 69 years old, Public Citizen reported a few years back that 40% of doctors disciplined for sexual misconduct return to practice.

“Sexual misconduct by doctors just goes on and on, and as you’ve pointed out, doctors pretty much get a pass. If licenses are revoked, they get them back later on. If the judicial system prosecutes, they get probation for actions that would have any other man thrown in prison.”

“I just don’t understand why there is not more public outrage at these massive thefts by doctors.”



“There is a very bad link between doctors and relatives who own pharmacies too – as I have found much to my disgust.”

Judy Jones


“Patrick, this is just a sliver of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to physician sexual misconduct. I have thousands and thousands of such cases on file. Contact me if you’d like: doctor dot watchdog at yahoo dot com.”

Doctor Watchdog


“If there was ever a candidate for the gas chamber, (Dr. Michael) Swango was certainly one. I saw several deaths caused by incompetent physicians, not criminal ones, and the hospital made every effort to minimize damage and squash publicity.”

“We had a kleptomaniac physician who stole so many drugs from our pharmacy that we had to redesign the entrance. It was reputed that he would go into a nearby business, place two albums together, hold them up as he passed the register and say, ‘Charge me with this album.’ The cashier would routinely write ‘four albums.’”

“Murder, it seems, isn’t all that uncommon among physicians. Over 20 years of working as a hospital pharmacist, I saw quite a few ‘dysfunctional personalities’.
One of them sticks out in my memory. Carl Drury, MD, now in prison for the murder of his wife, was suspected of drowning his first wife in her bath. But it was the contract he tried to put out on his second that did him in. How he was allowed a license to practice medicine is a mystery, as his knowledge of therapeutics was abysmal, and his character was close to nonexistent.”

“As a young pharmacist a long time ago, I went into hospital practice thinking physicians were special people. A year later I wondered how the profession had attracted so many dysfunctional people with personality disorders.”

“I spent 20 years working as a hospital pharmacist. In that time I saw physicians who were convicted murderers, drug addicts, misanthropes, incredibly arrogant, and racists. Some, I’m convinced, would have fit right in the SS.”

Ron Slade


“Nice posts. I learn something totally new re the medical world every time I visit. Thanks.”

Jordan Scarpe Prezzo


“Thank you for reporting on this. In another article I read it stated they the guides with Dr. Palmer tried to destroy and hide the radio transmitter collar that was on Cecil, so they knew very well he was a protected lion. I am sickened by this need to kill. Lions are close to being on the endangered list because of “humans” such as this. How many animals or people in need could $50,000 have helped? The only good thing to come from this, is Dr. Palmer will no longer be able to afford these expensive hunting trips. I doubt that will curb his need to kill though, so if I was his neighbor, I would be keeping a close eye on my pets.”

“Love all your articles and appreciate the hard work you do to expose the truth. Also love your sense of humor in reporting these facts. Thank you!”



“I just bought a copy of the book. Great writing! I wish it were in Kindle form, too.”

Mike Petonic


Wow, that’s all I can say. Wow.”



Thank you so much for your contributions to our site. We are fortunate to have a loyal group of readers from all over the world. It is our sincere hope that millions of folks will become aware enough of the foibles of health care, to be very, very vigilant in their own dealings with physicians. As long as the patient care industry stubbornly refuses to police itself – the rest of us must do so.

Be safe out there.


Doctor’s ‘Bogus Breast & Body’ Games Get Him a Suspended Medical License

Dr Manoj K Saxena

Dr Manoj K Saxena

In the city of Hartford the Connecticut State Department of Public Health has suspended the medical license of a physician who has been charged with yet another patient sexual assault.

Doctor Manoj K. Saxena, age 45, was originally released from jail on $100,000 bail after his first arrest on May 14. He was taken into custody at that time on charges of second- and fourth-degree sexual assault on an adult woman in a clinic.

Saxena, who lives in Mansfield but works in Norwich, is believed by investigators to have sexually assaulted an 18-year-old unnamed woman while treating her for an injury in March. He was directed to appear in New London Superior Court in August on two similar cases.

And now he is to be tried on yet another case in Norwich Superior Court. According to court officials, this most recent case will likely be transferred to New London Superior Court, where his three other assault cases are being handled.

Detectives believe Saxena molested the female patients he was treating at the Concentra Urgent Care clinic on Connecticut Avenue, located in the Norwich Business Park.

The Norwich Police Department arrested Saxena again on May 14, after another woman reported to them that he had “fondled” her breasts and gave her a pelvic exam when she needed treatment for a bite mark on her arm.

The next day, a second woman contacted Norwich police to report that Saxena had molested her, too, for what was supposed to be a pre-employment physical. The unnamed 19-year-old reported to police that the doctor had fondled her breasts for about 10 minutes. She said that he also wanted her to remove her jeans and panties so he could “fully examine her,” but she refused.

A third patient, a 24-year-old, reported to Norwich police the same physician had molested her during a physical the previous December. She reported Saxena had performed unnecessary breast and pelvic exams on her. She said she decided to come forward after learning of Saxena’s arrest on television.

Saxena was arrested on June 26 for the two most recent cases. He has been arraigned on charges of second-degree sexual assault and fourth-degree sexual assault in the reported incidents of December 16 and March 30, and fourth-degree sexual assault in the alleged incident on March 16. He has not yet entered a plea on the fourth allegation.

The state Department of Public Health, in an effort to protect the public while Saxena’s cases are being handled, chose to immediately suspend his license to work as a doctor in the state of Connecticut.

Would that all 50 states show such ethical courage to do the same.

Judge Hillary Strackbein issued protective orders, banning Saxena from contacting any of the women.

Here’s another look:


San Diego Physician-Pervert Dodges Adult Punishment: Sent Home After Patient Rapes

“I can tell you that in 30 years, this is by far the most unique sentencing I’ve seen. These types of charges usually merit serious, serious prison time. The recommendation here is 20 years, which you would expect under these circumstances.” (Marc Carlos, San Diego criminal defense attorney)


Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams: He raped patients and got sent to his room as punishment

Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams: He raped patients and got sent to his room as punishment

In the San Diego suburb of El Cajon a physician who admitted he sexually assaulted female patients during free clinic exams, was sent home under house arrest and given five years’ probation.

In issuing this appalling sentence, Judge Laura Halgren ignored the San Diego County Probation Department recommendation of the standard, 20-year state prison term for similar crimes. The only difference? Well, the sexual pervert in this case is a doctor, and he happens to have some medical problems. Get it?

Raise your hand if any of this sounds . . . well, stupid.

Doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams, age 68, confessed in court to eight charges of sexual penetration of an unconscious person; three charges of sexual assault and another charge of possession of child pornography, which involved pictures of an 8-year-old girl. Deputy District Attorney Kerry Conway said in a news conference that the typical sentence should have been 25 years in prison.

During the trial, 8 different women testified they were assaulted during medical examinations by Abrams at the Volunteers in Medicine free clinic, over a 4-year time-frame that started in June 2010.

“He used his position as a doctor to lead the victims to believe the inappropriate acts served a professional purpose. It appears his actions were well calculated as some of his victims were Spanish speaking or economically disadvantaged, therefore making them less likely to report the crime.” (San Diego County Probation Report)

And yet some people actually wonder why a Paramedic might become a medical heretic.

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

Here’s more: