Another Day: Another ‘Third World Assassin’ – This One in Alaska

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Dr Shubhranjan Ghosh

Dr Shubhranjan Ghosh

In the city of Anchorage a doctor sits in jail this Easter weekend after being arrested for billing the state Medicaid program for more than $300,000 for services that he never performed.

Doctor Shubhranjan Ghosh, age 39, is charged by the state with the following felonies:

>  Medical Assistance Fraud

>  Evidence Tampering

>  Scheme to Defraud an insurance provider

According to the Alaska Medicaid Fraud Control Unit,  Ghosh’s billing scam was discovered by an employee, when she came across an insurance bill for a patient whom she knew had not been at the office on the dates recorded. From there, detectives learned that Ghosh had been submitting false billings, “for years.”

Ghosh, who specialized in child psychiatry, operated a business called Ghosh Psychiatric Services at 9138 Arlon Street in Anchorage. He is believed to have entered into a three-year conspiracy with his office manager, fraudulently sending out bills for “ghost visits” beginning at least as far back as early 2010.

Investigators say this wayward physician charged more than $110,000 in “treatments” for all seven children of his office manager; at least $20,000 for “treating” children of a former girlfriend. And they now know he billed Medicaid $170,000 in psychiatric services for patients who never entered the office. The Fraud Unit discovered he billed more than $42,000 for office visits when he was not even in town.

Ghosh MD is now held on $100,000 bail, on three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. His arraignment will be this week.

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Our Observations:

As so often happens, this particular lab coat lunatic immigrated to the United States, in his case from India. He graduated from Kasturba Medical College in Manipal in 1998. He soon learned, as so many immigrant doctors do, that the U.S. has absolutely no oversight, and they can operate with impunity. Had he not gotten careless, he might never have been caught.

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40 More MDs Found Guilty Last Week: This One a ‘Drugs for Sex’ Idiot

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Dr Joshua Baron

Dr Joshua Baron

In the city of Chicago yet another physician has managed to step into deep doo-doo – this one because he thought it was cool to trade drugs in exchange for sexual encounters.

Joshua D. Baron MD, age 40, admitted in federal court that between the years 2006-2011 he traded thousands of doses of narcotics to as many as 16 different women.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Baron confessed that he would routinely post  ads on Craigslist offering to trade a variety of drugs for sex with strangers.

Baron was actually arrested in 2011 during an undercover operation. According to the court record, he showed up at an agreed upon location expecting to meet a woman for an illicit encounter. The plan was to trade an Adderall prescription for sex. He was instead greeted by a DEA/Chicago police task force.

Until his arrest Baron, a neurology specialist, treated children at St. Anthony’s Hospital; Stroger Hospital and Rush University Medical Center. His medical license and DEA registration were revoked in 2011.

Baron, who lives in Forest Park, is scheduled to be sentenced in June, by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. He could be sent to federal prison for 20 years.

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Our Observations:

Before he decided upon a life of crime, Baron MD graduated from University of Massachusetts, one of the finest medical schools on earth. We find it just a little interesting that – because he graduated in 2000 – he actually spent more time in school that he did as a physician before he was arrested.

And people wonder why we call these nuts lab coat lunatics.

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Police: Baltimore MD Was Filming Women During Vaginal Exams

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Gynecological Exam – Who do you choose to Trust?

Maryland state investigators announced this week that the files of Doctor Nikita Levy reveal that he had accumulated at least 1,200 secret photos and videos of his nude female patients.

Dr Nikita Levy

Dr Nikita Levy

Levy, age 54, who committed suicide one year ago upon learning that he was being investigated, was a gynecologist for Johns Hopkins Community Medicine.

According to Maryland state prosecutors, Levy filmed his patients by using tiny, secret cameras hidden inside pens during exams and procedures, a scheme that they believe had been going on since 2005.

A spokesman for the state attorney general’s office reports that, although Johns Hopkins has records of more than 12,000 patients treated by Levy during that timeframe, the number of victims is unknown.

For more than a year, investigators had remained silent about the volume of Levy’s secret activities. Detectives would say only that he was the sole suspect and that they were charging no one else.

The case is now the subject of a class-action lawsuit involving thousands of patients who fear they were victims.

Johns Hopkins spokeswoman Kim Hoppe told reporters that because the case was ongoing, her ability to comment freely is limited. She said, “We remain saddened that a member of our ranks would violate doctor-patient trust.”

Johns Hopkins fired Levy in February 2013, after a woman doctor reported on the “suspicious” pen  that he routinely wore on a chain around his neck. Four days later, police raided the doctor’s home.

It was 10 days later that he was found dead. Levy had left a suicide letter to his wife apologizing. His body was found suffocated with a plastic bag over his head.

Regretfully, the case of Nikita Levy is but one of many cases in which doctors have been found filming their nude patients. Here are two:

In August 2011 Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley was sentenced to 14 life terms for sexually assaulting and filming hundreds of children.

In 2012 St. Francis Hospital in Hartford Connecticut paid out $50,000,000 to 150 victims of Doctor George Reardon, who used a medical study as a pretense to take sexually explicit photos of children.

Here’s more on the case:

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Sadder Than Expected; Funnier Than it Ought to be . . .

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National Healthcare Reform? Now that’s a complex subject. But here’s an idea: Why don’t we just start by weeding out the lunatics?

Book Cover

ABC’s 20/20 News Magazine Examines Our Medical Miscreant Case

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20 20 logo

20 20 team

Investigative reporters Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir

You can Watch ABC’s 20/20 tonight, to see a case we referred to them in 2009.

“We are indebted to Mr. McDonald’s research in this extraordinary case of a physician who murdered his wife.”

(ABC News)

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Delaware MD Convicted of Waterboarding a Child

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Dr Melvin Morse

Dr Melvin Morse

In the city of Georgetown a physician was found guilty this week of water-torturing the daughter of his girlfriend by holding her head under a faucet.

Doctor Melvin Morse, age 60 was charged with three felonies but convicted of one: waterboarding a 10-year old girl in a bathtub. He was also found guilty of five lesser but similar assaults.

Pauline Morse, mother of the girl, agreed to plead guilty last year to child endangerment and testified against the doctor. She described Morse as “brutal and domineering” abusing the girl for years while her mother acquiesced in silence. Pauline Morse, 41, said she chose to ignore the abuse and was afraid of “undermining” Melvin Morse.

Morse, who is appallingly a pediatrician, could receive a 10-year prison term when sentenced in April.

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Lady Doctor Found Guilty of Cash Kickbacks, Conspiracy

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Dr Maryam Jafari

Dr Maryam Jafari

In Newark New Jersey a physician was found guilty this week for her role in a health care referral scam.

Doctor Marjam Jafari, age 43, was convicted on three conspiracy charges as well as two counts of taking kickback cash payments from an imaging center.

The scam involved a facility known as the Orange Community MRI, which investigators learned had been paying doctors large, unrecorded amounts of cash in envelopes by courier, in return for patient referrals, for at least two years.

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman explains the doctor kickback scheme

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman explains the 14 doctor kickback scheme

During a federal jury trial that lasted three weeks, Doctor Jafari, an internal medicine specialist, was told she could receive a sentence of 25 years in prison.

Jafari, a resident of Hoboken, is only the most recent doctor to be convicted in connection with the kickback scheme, which involved at least 15 other practitioners in the area. The federal case was well-publicized in the weeks before Christmas, 2011, when more than five dozen agents raided several medical facilities, including Orange Community MRI.

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