U.S. Doctor Pays $50,000 to Poachers; Kills the Most Famous Lion in Africa

Dr Walter Palmer

Dr Walter Palmer

An American dentist who shot and killed what is probably the most famous lion on earth, has admitted that he took part in the hunt, which included beheading and skinning the magnificent animal at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park as a trophy.


“It’s an activity I love.”


Cecil the Lion, Dead at age 13

Cecil the Lion, Dead at age 13

Doctor Walter James Palmer, who operates the River Bluff Dental clinic in the town of Bloomington Minnesota, insists he had all the right permits for shooting a lion. He states he had no idea this particular lion was on a “protected status” list or that he was Cecil, considered a national treasure in Zimbabwe. But a subject he does not address is that Cecil, an imposing, extremely rare black-mane cat, was well-known by his guides and easily recognizable by pretty much every game hunter, even from a distance. And because he was wearing a GPS tracking collar, Zimbabwe wildlife authorities now know that Cecil was illegally lured outside the park’s borders by bloody meat dragged behind a truck after dark. He was then shot by Palmer with a crossbow. Luring any animal outside a sanctuary is illegal.

Seriously wounded, Cecil wandered the plains for nearly two days before Palmer and his guides found him and shot him with a high-powered rifle outside the park. The killing and brutal beheading have caused outrage in Zimbabwe and in fact worldwide.

Dr Walter Palmer having fun

Dr Walter Palmer having fun

Investigators believe the lion was killed on July 1st but the carcass was not discovered until a few days later. Police in Zimbabwe have since arrested two men over the death of Cecil, the country’s most beloved tourist attraction, and say the American Palmer may also face felony poaching charges.

Emmanuel Fundira, President of Safari’s Operators Association, confirmed that “Doctor Walter Palmer of the U.S. is wanted in connection of the death of Cecil.”

Palmer states he did not learn the lion’s identity until the end of the hunt; that he depended on professional guides to find a lion and obtain the necessary permits

The men could be sentenced to 15 years in prison in Zimbabwe if they are found guilty.
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Daffy Doc Acts Like a Teenager: Texting Out Photo of His Nude Patient

Dr John Kinahan giving a lecture on . . . well, probably not medical ethics

Dr John Kinahan giving a lecture on . . . well, probably not medical ethics

We’ve often suspected that this asinine “selfie” fixation is just about an inch and a half from a full-blown, societal, psychiatric meltdown. So you’ll see no shocked faces around here when we learned that a Canadian physician has been slapped on his imbecilic heinie for sending out a photo of a patient with a tube up his pee-pee, just for fun.

Because boys will be boys – even in lab coats.

Yes, it appears that in the marvelous Northwest city of Victoria, a urologist named John Kinahan has confessed to snapping a quick picture of a nude obese patient lying on a gurney and then sending it out to a friend as a joke. The incident happened in the intensive care unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital, in 2013.

In this degreed twit’s mind, perhaps the only thing more fun than constant camera-crowing of himself, would be to embarrass a patient when one is most vulnerable.

Who else is telling you these things?

Who else is telling you these things?

The friend who received the picture was about as bright as this idiot doctor, because she then forwarded it to still more people, all in the name of brainless entertainment. At least one of this group of minions recognized what was going on as supremely unethical. So she reported the incident, and Kinahan was suspended.

In the end, a spokeswoman for the British Columbia medical licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Doctor Heidi Oetter, said this:

“With the finding of unprofessional conduct, this physician is subject to a suspension.”

Kinahan was also ordered to pay a $20,000 fine and take a class on medical ethics.

The moral of the story is simple, folks: If you honestly think the typical doctor is more highly evolved than an 8th grader on chocolate . . . .

You just haven’t met enough doctors.

After all that training . . .

After all that training . . .

Have a terrific weekend. And if you get really bored, download a copy of “America’s Dumbest Doctors.” Ever wonder about yours? The second volume should be out by Christmas.

(We thank contributor S.A. Native for bring this case to our attention)

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Our Observations:

A proposal for our readers: Medical Miscreants, Inc. will pay a crisp $100 bill for a legitimate picture of Doctor John Kinahan naked.

No photo-shopped creations. Our editors will know. The photo has to be the real deal.

Or maybe you think such a picture might embarrass the doctor?

Now that would be a low-down, dirty shame.

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Imprisoned ‘Doctor-Murderer’ Continues to Accumulate Lawsuits

Dr William Martin Valuck

Dr William Martin Valuck

In Oklahoma City yet another civil lawsuit has been filed against Doctor William Martin Valuck, who is one year into his eight-year prison sentence. The 74-year-old osteopathic specialist is now being sued by the families of six patients who died of drug overdoses linked to narcotic prescriptions.

The most recent suit was filed in May against Valuck in Oklahoma County District Court by the mother of victim Carrie Marie Simmons, Helen Broadbooks.

Broadbooks told reporters that her daughter, who was 27 at the time of her death, had been complaining of a toothache on May 13, 2013, the day she died. She blames Valuck for her daughter’s death.

“He gave her prescriptions for one bottle of pain pills, then another and then another,” Broadbooks said. “The coroner report says she died of ‘mixed drug toxicity.’”

“These doctors get people hooked on narcotics and then they’ve got somebody that comes back over and over to pay them money.”

A steady stream of civil suits started not long after Valuck’s well-publicized arrest in December, 2013. The clinics where he worked – two which were Vista Medical Center and Advanced Care Clinic – are also named in the suits. Vista Medical Center, where numerous victims received their drug prescriptions before they died, is being sued by five of the families.

Physician Assistant Michael Hume. who worked with Valuck for nearly three years, also faces five lawsuits as a result of the fatal overdoses. Hume had his medical license revoked by the state of Oklahoma just before his boss was charged with eight counts of murder. Hume was not arrested and has not been charged with any crime.

Nearly all of the suits – which are pending in Oklahoma County District Court – cite Wrongful Death and Medical Negligence. In each suit, Valuck is accused of  writing preposterously high numbers of prescribed doses for addictive drugs.

It was almost exactly one year ago, in August 2014, that Valuck changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty,” of eight second-degree murder charges. Shockingly, he was sentenced to one year in prison for each of the eight homicides. He is serving his term at the Oklahoma State Reformatory.

Here’s more:


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Imprisoned Kansas MD and Wife to be Resentenced in August

“Stephen Schneider and Linda Schneider defrauded health care benefit programs by submitting claims, receiving payment for medical services not provided and causing health care benefit programs to pay for illegal prescriptions.” (Judy Williams, Drug Enforcement Administration)

The Schneiders' drug store is now closed

The Schneiders’ drug store is now closed

In the city of Wichita this week, a U.S. District Judge has ordered the return to court of a doctor and his wife, who were found guilty of operating a clinic linked to more than 60 patient deaths due to prescription overdoses.

The case of Doctor Stephen Schneider and his wife Linda, who jointly owned the Schneider Medical Clinic in Haysville, made national news during the summer of 2010, almost exactly five years ago, when they were convicted of illegally prescribing narcotics to thousand of patients, many of whom died.

Prosecutors were able to prove that the couple ran what is known as a “pill mill,” carelessly handing out thousands of addictive painkiller prescriptions to both legitimate patients and drug abusers, who often joked in the waiting room about how easy it was to fake the doctor with their “pain symptoms.”

The jury agreed with the prosecution that Schneider was essentially a drug dealer who handed out narcotic prescriptions so quickly he was called the Candy Man by many people in town. He did not carefully monitor the patients; kept sloppy and incomplete medical records and prescribed excessive dosages even to legitimate patients in pain.

Prosecutors said the Schneiders did not even bother to be more careful even after they were advised by hospitals and law enforcement, that their patients were showing up at emergency rooms and at the county morgue, following overdoses. During the trial, Schneider admitted that he “really had no idea” how many of his patients were dead. He told the court that he was simply guilty of wanting to help people in chronic pain and admitted that he probably had been fooled by some of the drug addicts.

In addition to Conspiracy, the Schneiders were convicted of five counts of Illegal Prescriptions and 11 counts of Healthcare Fraud. Linda Schneider, who ran the business side of the clinic, was found guilty of 15 money-laundering felonies.

During the two-month trial, prosecutors revealed that the Schneiders had defrauded insurance carriers as well as patients,

Schneider, now 61, was given a 30-year federal prison term; his wife Linda, age 57, a 33-year sentence.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Treadway and Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan Metzger prosecuted the case. The following agencies investigated:

— U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services
— Kansas Bureau of Investigation
— Drug Enforcement Administration
— Kansas Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Division
 — Federal Bureau of Investigation
 — U.S. Postal Inspection Service
 — Social Security Administration

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“Intriguing statements, PatricParamedic –

Do you suggest that most doctors today don’t have as their goal to save lives? What do you believe is their primary motivation in being a doctor?

Your book may be on my list to read. It’s like nothing I’ve read before.”

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Another Doctor ‘Happy Hands’ Botches an Expensive Education

Dr Nishant R Nadpara

Dr Nishant R Nadpara (photo credit – Hudson Valley NY TV 12)

A New York doctor formerly employed by Crystal Run Healthcare in Middletown, as well as St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Family Practice Clinic in Utica, has been ordered by that state’s Board for Professional Medical Conduct to surrender his medical license. This, as the result of multiple complaints by female patients that he routinely, inappropriately touched them during physical examinations.

Unlike hundreds of other medical facilities, Crystal Run stepped up and did the right thing.

Unlike hundreds of other medical facilities, Crystal Run stepped up and did the right thing. They refused to hide a bad doctor. They put patients first.

State health department investigators learned that Doctor Nishant R. Nadpara, as so many other Indian emigrants, was in the habit of sexually handling women behind clinic closed doors. They determined that he had abused at least three women patients over a four-year period that began in 2008 in the Hudson Valley area.

Nadpara, age 39, was found to have abused one patient on several occasions between June 2011 and May 2012, including kissing, hugging and sexually touching her during supposed medical exams. Another patient – unknown to the first – reported to authorities nearly identical behavior. She also reported that Nadpara would repeatedly call and text her for no medical purpose.

Doctor Michelle Koury, Chief Operating Officer at Crystal Run Healthcare. said this:

Our "Medical Hero" of the month

Our “Medical Hero” of the month

“Immediately after we were informed of a patient complaint involving the  doctor in May 2012, we suspended him and arranged for other physicians to care for his patients. We swiftly referred the matter to the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and accepted his resignation. He never saw another patient.”

As of today, no criminal charges have yet been filed against Nadpara, according to New York State Police.

Here is another view of this case:


Our Observations:

This particular Third World Assassin attended B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat University in India. He graduated in 1999. He then emigrated to the U.S. and found American health care was – as Navy fighter pilots like to say – a “target rich environment” for lab coat shenanigans.

E Pluribus Unum.

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